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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous

Stars Pawalit Mongkolpisit as Kong, Premsinee Ratanasopha as Fon, Patharawarin Timkul as Aom, and Pisek Intrakanchit as Joe.

Pawalit Mongkolpisit is HOTTT.

Unfortunately, there is nothing online about him.

Bangkok Dangerous was an 'Im bored' choice that I watched on Released in 1999, it's about a young, deaf man at the last days of his life.
He grew up in a poor village, unwanted, unloved, and without friends.
He sweeps floors at a gun range, where he meets Joe, a thug who is impressed with Kong's shooting ability.
Joe takes him in, teaches him how to fight, shoot, and to exact revenge by instilling in poor Kong the 'eye for an eye' theory.

Kong does everything that he's told, thinking that Joe and Aom, Joe's girlfriend, are his only friends in the world.

Kong meets Fon, who works at a Pharmacy in town, and because he's handsome, she is interested in getting to know him better.
Naturally, this is the point in the movie when Kong's life takes a nose-dive, and he ends up losing it all.

I really enjoyed Bangkok Dangerous, and I cried like a fool during the flash-back scene of his childhood.
It was worth the watch, and the subtitles were incredibly ACCURATE for a welcome change, too.


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