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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kodoku no Kake / 孤独の賭け

This was a Japanese drama that I purchased online through, and which came as a special bonus on Christmas Eve, along with the Laurel CD that I also ordered.


Before I even watched Kodoku no Kake, I knew that I'd like it because it stars one of my all-time FAVORITE actors, Hideaki Ito.

sigh ... drool ... moan ... dream-on
S.E.X. gOD!!!

Anyway, after the holiday travel, I returned home and watched my DVD.

This is what I found ...

Turns out the subtitles were created by a Chinese person translating Japanese to English.

YAH! That makes WAAAY sense, huh?

So AGAIN I got burned ordering a DVD online.
It was $30 I could have used on anything else, TRUST me.
Still, I can't find many of his movies or dramas online, so for $30, I got to stare at him for three days (the amount of time it took me to watch the entire drama), AND, I got to capture a ton, more of his awesome images for my bulging ITO HIDEAKI pics folder!

He was exceptionally sexy in Kodoku no Kake because of his super-hot LONG HAIR!

The title theme, Kodoku no Kakera is sung by Angela Aki, and though to me she appears frumpy in street wear & nerd glasses, she possesses a beautiful voice.

The drama is about a young, successful businessman with a huge chip on his shoulder who is out to destroy everyone with the billions that he's made after climbing from the depths of poverty & despair.

KnK also stars Sakai Masato 堺雅人, whom I thought to be really cute, always grinning (especially his laughing eyes).

speaking of horrible subtitles ...

Here is the rest of the cast, in case you are interested ...

I enjoyed the mature theme, the mature content, and (thank you!) the mature ACTORS!
Not into the sappy, sweet, ditzy, airhead, bubble-gum chewing, kawaii sh*t that has inundated this market AT ALL.

Ito's character, Chigusa Teijiro, had a lot of sex at the beginning of this drama.

He's leaving a bar one evening when Inui Momoko (Hasegawa Kyoko) falls in front of his car and Chigusa gets out to see if she is ok.
We find out a lot later in the drama that he recognized her almost immediately as a character from his past; the daughter of the man who ruined his father.

Momoko has revenge on her mind too, though.
She believes that it was her uncle who ruined her life and caused her father to commit suicide.
Her older brother hung himself when he failed a college entrance exam, and since their mother was counting on him to raise the family back up in social status, she decided to set the house on fire.

Sakai's character ran into the house, and after getting his leg crushed by a falling china cabinet, he managed to drag a young Momoko from the burning home, saving her but gaining a bum leg in the process.

Sakai's Makita Jiro character takes over as the big-brother in Momoko's life, though he's crazy in love with her.
He lectures at a local university, but he always manages to find time to check in on Momoko and make sure that she isn't trying to ruin her own life any time soon.

Anyway, Momoko recognizes the gorgeous Chigusa from an earlier television broadcast about his latest business venture in America, and she tells him that she wants a boat-load of cash to compensate for the accident with the car.
She offers her body in exchange, too.

Momoko is a budding fashion designer who wants to make enough money to buy back the home she thinks that her uncle stole from her parents.

Jiro is naturally disappointed after Momoko tells him about the sex for $$$ deal that she made with Chigusa, but the smiling gimp only encourages her to change her mind before it's too late.

Lots of twists & turns in this drama, but again, to me the best part was getting to stare at my lusciously sexy Hideaki for three days straight.

I absolutely adored this necklace!

His apartment was pretty sweet, too.

I SO love Japanese cherry tree blossoms!

This guy was scary ...

He TOTALLY ruined the ending for me!!!

I'll leave you with what I can find of the WORST of the subtitles.

??? Is that even a number ???


s-s-s-say WHAT???


um ... WHAAAT???

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