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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heaven's Coins 2 / 續。星の金貨 / Zoku Hoshi no Kinka

At this point in the game, I'm a little depressed to discover that there is a Zoku Hoshi - 3.
Sequels rarely capture my interest with as much certainty as the originals do, and this was sadly true for Heaven's Coins sequel.

At least I got to spend several hours staring at Yutaka and Osawa again, though!

And what a disappointment to find out that Osawa hasn't starred in a drama since 2001!
bummer --
He's in a lot of movies, though, so that's good - (i hope?)

Maybe it's my fault again for watching dramas that star hot dudes, and because of them, I tend to dig the story far, more than is necessary.
Maybe I should NOT have liked Heaven's Coins 1 as much as I did, and that way the sequel would not have sparked my interest.
Zoku Hoshi no Kinka 2 was the sappiest piece of DORK I've seen out of Japan since that awful bit of trash about HIV that starred my hunny, Takeshi Kaneshiro.
And yet I watched the 12-episodes and was pleased to see THIS guy enter the picture -

Sawamura Ikki

HE has starred in TONS of dramas, including a few from this year!
I have GOT to watch Gokusen now.

He played a scary-wicked doctor, and I giggled every time a woman said to him that they hated or detested him, and yet they couldn't resist him.

Aside from all the hunk-a-fied goodness going on on screen, the storyline for ZHnK was blah.
Takenouchi is wheelchair bound thanks to Sawamura's evil ways, and Osawa's character is still wandering around aimlessly without his beloved Aya.

At a certain point in the show, Aya kept pausing to gaze at a wedding gown in a window, and then Osawa's Shuichi does the same thing.
I don't know - but to me, this mannequin looked man-ish.

And this girl, the new benefactors daughter, gave me the creeps one minute, and then I was interested in her the next.

She has really cool eyes, but I kept getting a Morticia Addams or her daughter, Wednesday, vibe.

Anyway, about the drama --

The battle continues between brothers over the love of deaf/mute, Aya.
She's more inundated with despair this time around than in the first show, too.
Again, I felt stifled half-way through this thing, so when it ended the way that it did, I groaned in agony.

Lots of things from the first show are revealed in the second part, but in the end, nothing is actually resolved, which frustrates the hell out of me and makes me vow to never again watch another, Asian drama.

For me, the only good thing about Zoku 2 was that all of the original cast returned to make this one.
Otherwise, it was a big disappointment, and since the original cast WON'T be in Zoku Hoshi no Kinka 3, I probably won't watch it -- or, maybe I will?


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