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Saturday, July 04, 2009

얼렁뚱땅 흥신소 / Evasive Inquiry Agency

An Oct. 08 to Nov. 27, 2007 Korean drama that stars Lee Min-ki, so I just HAD to watch!

LEE has got to be the funniest man in Korea, hands UP.

Evasive started out slow, but not too slow, and of the 16 episodes, I began to get really interested around episode 10.
That doesn't mean the rest of it was boring - and it's hard for me to say that I didn't like or even appreciate the in-depth reporting of personal information about each of the characters.

A sideline at Drama-wiki reads, 'This is a drama without a romance.'
But, that wasn't the problem with Evasive Inquiry Agency, either!
I thought there WAS romance involved, and with more than just, one character, too!

I loved that LEE's Moo Yeol and RYU Seung-soo's Yong Soo played off each other as well as they did, and because I couldn't stand LEE Eun-song's Wednesday Addams appearance or her stand-offish attitude throughout, the drama still managed to work it's magic on me.

Lee Eun-song as Eun-jae stole the show, though, and HER romance with PARK Hee-soon's Baek Min-chul was the highlight of this drama IMHO.

It's so exciting to hear that Lee Min-ki and Park Hee-soon are starring in another, Korean drama called Billion (it looks like their version of Survivor, so I don't know how much I'm gonna be into it).

Anyway, LEE Eun-son is really pretty, and I loved her independent spirit, shamanistic character, Eun-jae.

love this ring!

She got to wear really, cool clothes and spend all her free time with two, laid-back guys who took good care of her.

she's on a date with Min-chul, and the guys are spying on her

the second, disastrous date

Eun-jae was in her thirties, so it was refreshing to hear the boys refer to her as NOONA and not Ajumma.

Anyway, EIA is about three slackers eking out their existences as a Taekwondo instructor (Lee's character), a comic book store clerk (Ryu's character), and the fortune-teller (Eun-jae's character).

Mu-yeol lives in a supposedly run-down apartment building, and the sign taped to his window reads Private Investigator, though it should have been peeled away after the actual investigator moved out.

A rich chick (Hee Kyung) shows up one day asking for their help, and until she hands them the equivalent of $1500 US, the three, uninterested characters try to tell her that she has the wrong idea about them.

The story doesn't revolve around any, one character in particular, and it's got everything to do with a bunch of people connected somehow, who are all interested in finding a cache of hidden gold somewhere near Mu-yeol's apartment.

This is why the story took 16 episodes to tell, and Lee's humor level had everything to do with my interest in and staying power for Evasive Inquiry Agency.

I'd still like to see him do something serious - like a crime boss, or a no-nonsense detective, or especially a romance lead with little, if any, humor involved.
A sense of humor in a man has always ranked high on my list of priorities, though, so Lee's got me hooked because of that, and for his hair, his eyes, and that adorable lisp.
It's come to my attention through another person's opinion that he dresses wack, like his buddy Kim Jae-wook.
For public appearances, I suppose a guy with his attitude would do something like that for shits & giggles, nothing more.

For a drama with no romance, I rooted for Eun-jae the whole time, hoping upon hope that she and Min-chul would come together, and During the entire drama, I hoped that Mu-yeol would NOT get busy with Hee Kyung.
Half-way through the drama, I got anxious and worried that Hee Kyung and Yong Soo might start something!

Evasive Inquiry Agency was loaded with plot, character drive, and a good time.
I liked the seamless transitions, the quirky beginnings each episode, the way the characters bounced off one another like ping-pong balls let loose on a deserted street, and I especially loved the anticipatory build-up near the end.

Now, for some memorable screen shots --

~The pretty stuff ~

the totally cool view from Mu-yeol's apartment

a pretty water fountain somewhere in Korea

I know -- photoshop -- but still pretty

~ the kawaii stuff ~

Isn't he cute??

~ the funny sh*t ~

he's got the facial expressions down-pat

his delivery is undoubtedly the best

this was a hilarious scene

this was disappointing ...

but I still, wouldn't mind a wild weekend in bed with the guy --

It's supposed to be summertime, so - I don't get it

~ and finally, his total hotness ~


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