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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hoshi no Kinka / 星の金貨 / Heaven's Coins

This was a lot of fun to watch.

An April through July, 1995, 12-episode broadcast from Japan that starred Osawa Takao as Shuichi, an uber-handsome doctor, and Yutaka Takenouchi as his equally gorgeous but not quite as mature half-brother, Takumi.

Again, this was something I picked out at because of Takenouchi, though he received little, if any, credit.
Since it was from 1995, I suppose this makes sense.
Maybe it was his first appearance or something, but I thought he was quite memorable in Hoshi no Kinka!

-- especially THIS scene, and I'm sorry it's so blurry --

it looks like he naked!

This pic, though nice, sums up Takumi start to finish in Hoshi no Kinka.
But, the guys in the background (it was too hard to capture either of them onscreen), are his buddies, and the guy with the ponytail wasn't half bad!

See, the story is about a young man (Shuichi) who resents his doctor father for caring more about $$ than his patients.
So, he leaves Tokyo and ends up in a small town in Hokkaido, where he meets a deaf/mute with no parents.
The local doctor took her in and raised her, so she's good around the office, where Shuichi ends up working for two years.

The drama starts off with the deaf/mute, Aya (Sakai Noriko), (who is apparently a huge pop star in Japan) throwing a temper tantrum and knocking things about inside the tiny clinic.
She's pissed off because she thinks that Dr. Shuichi has been fooling around with a girl with huge tits.
Trust me, it's funnier than I can make it out to be.

Anyway, the doctor who raised her is dying, and Dr. Shuichi has been offered a position at Tokyo Uni for whatever reason.
The old Doc tells Aya to leave Shuichi alone, that he's out of her league and has his whole life ahead of him.
He also tells Shuichi to stop thinking that he's in love with Aya and go out, into the world to make a name for himself.

the doctor then dies

I thought this scene was pretty

Shuichi heads for the airport and Aya runs after him, begging him to take her with him.
He says no, but he promises to return in a few days to marry her.

Isn't he gorgeous?

I kept getting a Toru Nakamura vibe, which is a good thing, and it didn't take long at all to grow accustomed to this guy's incredible face.

I don't know that I've ever heard of him before, or even watched him in any, other dramas, but I intend to watch Heaven's Coins 2 next, and THANKFULLY, all of the original cast are in the sequel.

So, Shuichi returns to Tokyo, and this totally irritating betch knocks him down on an escalator on purpose (she even admits as much later in the show), rendering our poor hero unconscious and an amnesiac.

Meanwhile Aya decides after a week of waiting that she should just go to Tokyo and find Shuichi.

He doesn't remember anything about the last, two years of his life, or even that he was a doctor.

Eventually, he gets his doctor powers back, but still no luck with his two-years-with-Aya recall.

Meanwhile, we get a good idea about Takumi at this point.

He's a doctor, too, and a drunk with no guts.

But, he's still gorgeous --

At the beginning, he has a lot of sex, drinks to excess, and hangs out at a ritzy bar with his buddies.
At the hospital, the nurses keep talking smack behind his back, calling him a loser and saying that they wish his brother, Shuichi, would return.

It's not really revealed until later on that poor, sweet Takumi knows what's being said about him, and that even his own father seems not to care for him.

Takumi's mother is a gold-digger, anxious to see her son become the director of his father's hospital.
She has affairs to get her way, and Takumi thinks she cares more about diamonds & pearls than about her only son.

She's shagging the guy in the background, and he's quite a piece of work, let me tell you.

He's trying everything he can to take over the director position himself; lying, cheating, stealing, and hosing in the process, which in an Asian drama can only lead up to one thing, yes?

In the end, Takumi's mother runs to him, and he's packed up to leave after getting caught being a bad guy.
It's so, totally awesome what she does to him after he tells her that she has everything a man could want except for just, one thing ~ youth ~

Aya meets Takumi first, and she doesn't like him one bit, either.
She gets a job at the hospital, and she makes friends with a nurse who is secretly in love with Takumi.

On and on it goes, but it's not a boring drama, believe me!

I'll just do a photo blog from here, and leave you with a youtube clip of the title song to the drama.

A patient with a brain tumor attempts suicide by jumping off the hospital roof, and our Takumi saves the day by scaring the hell out of everyone looking on.
At one point, he even rips open one of the nurses shirts to reveal her huge breasts, asking the kid if he's even seen any yet.

good stuff ... good stuff ... good stuff ... good stuff ... good stuff

I don't know much about Hollywood or other movies out there, but one thing I always notice with Asian actors is their protruding Adam's apple.
Is it just me?

In this scene, Takumi has left the hospital and is now a construction worker.
He's down to his last, five bucks when he enters a flower shop, and this is what he returns to the apartment with -- for Aya, whom he's kidnapped.

Poor Aya had to write down everything, and in this scene, she's talking with Sonoko, the wack-job who put Shuichi in the hospital and ultimately destroys a few lives.

Shuichi eventually gets back his entire memory, and he again promises to marry Aya, only Sonoko intervenes once more!

Aya goes to the Tokyo Tower to meet with Shuichi

but, Sonoko slits her wrist in an attempt to stop him

then Sonoko drops a bomb on poor Shuichi

and her mother, who didn't marry the guy she loved either, sticks her nose in. Like this makes any sense!

and ... this is the way it ends?

~ hmm ...
Poor, sympathetic and nice-guy Shuichi!

I suppose there are girls like this in the world, and I'm glad I'm not one of them.
What idiot would want anything to do with a man who doesn't love her?
She orchestrated the whole thing, and then she's got the nerve to expect anyone to feel sorry for her?

The scene at the airport was probably meant to be touching & romantic, but I was groaning and saying 'puleeez'
The ending-ending, though, was entirely feasible and exciting!
Can't WAIT to watch the sequel!

and now for the ~

haha .. funny .. haha .. funny .. haha .. funny .. haha .. funny .. haha .. funny

dig the pants?

Now, for more, hot pics of the hot guys --

and the youtube clip I promised earlier ~


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