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Sunday, June 28, 2009

NigaHiga on Asian Dramas

I subscribed to NigaHiga because he's just too, damn funny.
he's a kid from Hawaii who likes to make people laugh, and he does a really good job of it, too!
in fact, he's so good that Hollywood came a callin' and now he's got his first motion picture to brag about.
He ends every video with a TEEHEE, which I don't get - but whatever.
I always thought that pwned came about when some idiot hit the p instead of the o (they're right next to each other on the keyboard) and people thought it was funny, so they followed suit.
Thanx, Ryan, for clearing up THAT mystery!
I've yet to find a fast-food chain that sells Mushroom Burgers - but since I'm not a big fan of fast food anyway ***
he seems to like doing the movie-in-minutes video, which are cool, but I prefer the randomness of his what's up with this-video instead.

Anyway, I don't normally fan-vid blog, but after watching this, I figured it belongs here.

And while I disagree with his opinion, you should still check this out ---



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