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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

카인과 아벨 / Cain and Abel

Broadcast period: Feb-18 to Apr-23, 2009

I don't know where to go with this blog -

Everyone in the WORLD probably knows everything about Cain & Abel already, so should I waste time with a synopsis?

THIS was an interesting drama, to say the least.

When it first came online with English subtitles, I watched the first, two episodes and gave up.
It totally and completely pissed me off that they made So Ji-sup AGAIN appear as a straight-lace, uppity Ken doll.


What is the point of making him wear his hair plastered to his head like a helmet when it looks a thousand times better long, unruly, and at his broad shoulders?

WHY can't he appear onscreen as sexed-out and macho as he does in glossy print?

Yes, this was hot.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t

but THIS ~

is not.

That was back in the winter, when it was cold and dreary, and I really wanted to be comforted by my Korean heart throb every night after work.

I waited forEVer for Cain & Abel (Dr. Stop) to come online!
And then it did, and SO wasn't the same incredible gAWd like he was in Mr. Flower.
He wasn't my 'I want to rip your clothes off and lay with you for the next, five days' So-fine Ji-sub.

A friend suggested that I give it another chance, so I did, and WOW!

Despite So Ji-sub's Ken-doll appearance, I enjoyed watching Cain & Abel.

Despite the fact that I didn't care for Shin Hyun-joon AT ALL, I loved almost every episode.

Well, that's not, entirely true.

I never saw him before, and his hawkish appearance startled me.
His nose is - well, it's NOT the best profile image (and neither do I like my profile, so 'nuf said).

I promised myself that I'd work harder to get over being judgmental, and I think Shin's face was a great place to start.

He's into TENNIS!
Me, too!
He's also taller than SO, and if I'm not mistaken, he MIGHT, even have a tighter bod.

Seon-woo soon began to grow on me in an 'aww, poor baby' kind of way, though.

The writers made me sympathize with someone I really felt like abhorring throughout, and who confused me by acting so ~ evil ~ in the face of certain adversity at every turn.

He was DYING, for heaven's sake!
How could he continue his wicked ways under those circumstances?

But, with a mother as equally nasty, vindictive, and greedy, it's no wonder Seon-woo was who he was.

AmAzingly, at the end of this twenty-episode drama, the writers actually made the REAL culprit fess up in a way that I don't think has EVER occurred before in any of these Asian pieces!

The father, bed-ridden and paralyzed, actually said it was HIS fault for everything that happened, and it's TRUE!
Incredible. Honesty mixed with reality (in a yeah, right kind of way, but still --).

It's an obvious fact that the world's woes can be blamed directly on ADAM, not Eve.
Where WAS Adam when Eve was being tempted anyway?

Ok -

Another of my favorite, Korean actors starred in Cain & Abel.

Kwon Hae-hyo

This guy is so, freakin' COOL it's not funny.

I know, he's short, and this turns off a lot of people, but not me.
I'm shorter than a LOT of people, including him, and I still think he'd be a terrific bar buddy or good friend.
He's hilarious, he's got charisma, and his facial expressions & voice tone make him a better actor.

Which means he's probably a stuck-up tight-ass in reality.

and, what was THIS about?

is this supposed to be the way the jacket works?

So, with this aside, I guess I can blog about the things I liked and didn't like about Cain & Abel.

Scenes that I really liked include:

Kim Seo-yeun's apartment was ab-FAB.
Love the colors, the decor, the layout - everything.
It's YUM!

As for Chae Jung-ahn, she is the typical Korean actress.
Skinny, with wavy hair and a soft voice.
In the drama, she's born with a heart defect, which is how she met and befriended the two, opposite brothers.
idk ~
Nice eyes. I'll give her that, ok?


and, I'm sorry it's blurry, but is this a curtain, or something stuck on the window?
I love it, and I want it!

So-fine's character, Lee Cho-in pulls up here to ponder his life
and I gasped!
So purdy!
I want to go to Korea and park here, too!

This is nice

Now for the little girl who played SO's love interest:

Oh Ji-young was cute, and after awhile, I even liked her hairstyle.

What bugged me about her more than anything else, though, was her wardrobe.

I know, she's a N. Korean refugee but, she ends up with this totally cool cell phone, a somewhat decent apartment, and TWO jobs!

She can't afford to buy new clothes, a decent purse, or SHOES?

It was the boots that got me more than the matronly blouses.

OMG !! Did you see what Cho-in bought her??? Ugh -

and, what is WITH this??

someone hugs you, and you stand like a statue?

Now, for the awful bits & pieces about Cain & Abel -

I used to help out at ViiKii with subtitling, and ONLY because I was desperate to STOP the God-awful
grammar and spelling mistakes that have managed to inundate the online drama world.

The other people who work there kept re-working my efforts, and even after I spent DAYS with a Korean partner to perfect the translations.

Things like ( ,. ) together, and no caps, and ( ... ) instead of commas or a simple period drive me nuts, and it was these things, along with my grammar corrections that they kept changing on me.

Anyway, I gave up working for ViiKii at about the same time that I gave up on Cain & Abel (which was the drama I tried to help them with for the first, ten episodes), and then ViiKii went down, so MySoju had to hunt for another place to upload the drama.

I don't care about ViiKii anymore, but I will always care about proper grammar & spelling & such when you consider the number of people (me included) who pay GOOD MONEY for DVD's and end up having to watch garbled crap for our $$$.

So, MySoju chose DailyMotion as a replacement, and for awhile, the subtitles were Ok.
Then something happened, and it got progressively worse.

Case in point -

I can't tell if she tried to change the font color, the font, or the spacing -
regardless, it should have been detected BEFORE submission

singular, NOT plural


that's loveD

tenfold is ONE WORD and singular
why is there a period after Director
and an ! after Oh when he's not done talking?
OH is his name, not a figure of speech.

Courtesy WITHS2

Oh well ~

At least now I have a lot more SO JI-SUB images to stare at, print out, and use as cell phone wallpaper!

I don't know if it was my wide screen or HD, but So-fine seemed rather squat in this drama.

It's nearly impossible to get good full-on body shots of these guys, but I tried

And, before I share my pictures, I HAVE to mention this, particular scene

she sat in his PUKE!

scary shit -

Baek Seung-hyun
dude was scAry!

Now, for the FACE

nice bod


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