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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Jigeumeun Yeonaejong / We Are Dating Now / 지금은 연애중

I so looked forward to watching this KDrama!

I used Mysoju this time, and the first half of this 16-episode drama was GREAT!
Then, that little, Chinese girl came back to SARS and ruined it for me.

To retaliate, I've joined the SARS website, and with any luck at all, I'll find a way to UNDO the damage already done (or at least prevent it from ever occurring in the future).

There is NOTHING worse (to me) than to lose your way in a drama because you can't understand what the hell anyone is saying.
Actually, for me, the most annoying thing about it is having to pause the damn screen every, few minutes, to re-read the convoluted garble that is written.

I'm not stupid, so I get the gist of what is TRYING to be translated, but it's still frustrating as hell to have to put up with, and I'm sick & tired of it.

Anyway, as Korean dramas go, WRDN was a long, drawn-out story about two people who meet, and she hates him/he likes her.

SHE (Yoon Ho-jung) has two friends ... a twirpy wallflower that dresses frumpy, (Soo-Ji), and a knock-out hard-ass, (Kang Cha-hee), hell-bent on destroying her own life because of her mother.

She has a bitch mother (BIG surprise), a weak father (BIG surprise), and a dreamy grandmother (BIG surprise).

She's got a hunk brother, too ... KWON SANG-WOO as Yoon Ho-jae.

I really LIKE him!
I mean, aside from his gorgeous looks & terrific bod, that is.
He has that cute lisp, too, like LEE Min-ki does.

He really helped to bring WRDN to life, and I'll always appreciate a man that can make me laugh.
KWON did that in just, about every scene that he appeared, too.

If I had watched this drama when it originally aired, back in 2002 (Jan to Mar), I would have fallen for Kwon the same way that I fell for KIM Nam-jin when I saw 1,000 Years of Love.

Poor, silly So Ji-sub.
He was so NOT attractive to me back in the day!
Thank the Lord (and his stylist) that he changed his image the way that he did!
THIS ... is completely unappealing to me ***

THIS is what I love about my man, Ji-sub ***

Anyway, KWON played the air-head, younger brother, spoiled to death by his abrasively dominatrix mother.

He's not good in school, and his grand scheme is to latch onto a cougar, living off her $$$ for the rest of his life.

Eventually, he falls in love with his sister's best friend, Soo-Ji (Lee Eui-jung.)
The nerd with no sense of style, and who eventually becomes a dentist.

They must not pay very well over there, in Korea.
Soo-ji is an only-child, living with DOCTOR parents, in a fancy, cookie-cutter subdivision.
And, as I already mentioned, she becomes a dentist.
So, when she decides to elope with our Yoon Ho-jae, she's suddenly destitute?
And, I'd like someone to explain to me how ANYONE can blow through $5 grand that quick?

A dentist, with Doctor parents, and her grand total savings is only $6 million won?
For a wallflower that never dated or knew how to have a good time, she sure didn't know how to take care of her income!

Ok ... back to the story.

So Ji-sub plays the upright, stodgy Choi Kyo-in, who falls for Yoon Ho-jung (Chae Rim) of Dal Ja's Spring fame.

She ends up sitting in front of So's character on the same bus, as she did when she made Dal Ja's Spring, which I thought rather humorous and unimaginative.

Choi is old-school, and his bossy nature turns off Yoon almost immediately.

She keeps meeting and falling in love with the wrong men, and he keeps offering advice while growing increasingly jealous of her ability to attract members of the opposite sex.

The hard-ass sex kitten, Kang Cha-hee
(Choi Yoon Young) falls for Choi, and since Yoon is interested in another guy, Choi decides to hook up with Kang.

Naturally, this doesn't work out, and the beautiful Kang realizes that Choi will never love her, so she dumps him and walks away.
Later however, she comes back as a super-model, and along the way, she tries to help Yoon and Soo-ji with their messed up love lives.
She also introduces Ho-jae to her connections in the business, and he ends up becoming a super-model as well.

This was a sappy, sentimental story, and because of So Ji-sub, I had to watch it in it's entirety, though it hurt a great deal, what with the horrific subtitles and SO's awful hair style.

I'll leave you with a few pics, and then it's time for me to finish filling out report cards.


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