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Friday, November 28, 2008

Sad Movie / 새드무비 / Saedeu mubi

Directed by Kwon Jong-kwan.
Screenplay by Hwang Seong-gu.
Stars Jung Woo-sung, Im Soo-jung, Cha Tae-hyun, Yeom Jung-ah, Shin Min-ah, Son Tae-young, Lee Ki-woo, Yeo Jin-gu, Kim Seung-cheol.

About a series of overlapping stories involving four couples who all suffer tragic fates.

This didn't make me cry, but it was a good movie.

And, it was about different people living in the same world, that suffer different fates at the same time.

Cha Tae-hyun starred in First Love of Hotel Prince and My Sassy Girl, and I think that he's a good actor, but not your average, hunk-a-licious, Korean actor. He's really short, and he's got fish lips.

This is his MV for the movie.

He's not known for his looks but his comedic style and warm personality, which doesn't surprise me at all.
The more I see of Cha, the more that I like him, and the more attracted to him that I become.
He's married though, so by nature, I can't get too emotionally interested.

Anyway, Cha steals the show, even though he's the star in a round-about kind of way.
His story pales in comparison with the other, two couples or the little boy, but Cha has to come to terms with the fact that his girlfriend of three years has dumped him.

Speaking of the angry, little boy ... he actually did reduce me to minor tears when he stood outside the hospital, in the pouring rain, stomping his feet and crying in anguish as he begged God not to let his mother die.

Again, when the firefighter and his girl went up in the lift, and his buddies took a picture of them kissing, I knew then that something tragic would occur, and THAT made me choke up more than the actual fact of what happened to him later on in the movie.

The most tender moments came at the amusement park, where the deaf and burn-victim girl worked as Raggedy-Ann. She meets a handsome, young artist that behaves absent-minded, leaving his art supplies scattered about the park, and she (in her big-head costume) picks up after him giggling all the while.

Since she remains hidden beneath the heavy, Raggedy-Ann head, the curious artist becomes interested in the affectionate girl, and he wants to know what she really looks like. He has no idea that she is deaf, either, so he assumes that her refusal to answer any of his questions is because she is shy.

She's attracted to him, and for a moment, she decides that he might be worth revealing her true form to him, but it's her seven dwarf partners that set up an elaborate meeting, and where the enamored artist sees Raggedy-Ann without her costume.
She's wearing heavy make-up to hide the burn scar on her face, and he likes what he sees.
She then returns from the ladies room with the make-up washed off, and she asks the startled, young man to draw her image a second time.
He not only sees the scar, but he learns that she is deaf as well, and though he draws her a second time, she knows that he is no longer interested in getting to know her better.


He told the dwarf's that he was leaving for Europe, and that he hoped to ask Raggedy-Ann along. AND, as he drew her the second time, he erased the burn scar from her cheek.
Perhaps its the romantic in me, but I like to think that he asked her to accompany him to Europe, and that she said no. He was a good boy, and I don't think that he would let something so trivial stand in the way of his real feelings.

Yes, sometimes I add my own endings to movies & dramas that upset or disappoint me.

For me, Sad Movie was not sad, but quite interesting, and I liked the intertwined stories as well.

Three, more promo posters for the movie.


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