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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung / 칼잡이 오수정

Oh Ji-ho looks so ... PLAYBOY in this one, I couldn't leave it out.

and this one shows the four, leading characters
plus ... I like the pink rhinestone heart

I think the last time I had this much fun watching a Korean drama was when I watched My Lovely Samsoon.

Get Karl! stars sex-god, Oh Ji Ho as Go Man Soo, who starts out life as an overweight, underachieving nerd with a mad crush on Uhm Jung Hwa as Oh Soo Jung.

Those of you that follow my blogs know that I'll have DOZENS of his images posted here, but right now, I'd like to concentrate on Noona Uhm.

I'm not gay, but she's incredibly beautiful and very sexy.
This gloriously refreshing change from the Asian norm for women to look like pre-teen girls made me happy.

Oh Soo Jung had style, class, dignity, and guts.
I loved everything that she wore, but her hairstyle puzzled me. She looks really good with long hair, and maybe because she portrayed a 35 yr-old spinster was the reason she had to wear her hair back that way? I don't know, but it was a dumb decision IMHO.

Back to Ms. Uhm.
When I watched her act alongside Kim Nam-jin in Tropical Nights in December, she reminded me a lot of Audrey Hepburn.
This time around, she reminded me of Miss Hepburn AND Kimora Lee Simmons.

Uhm Jung-hwa has a figure, too, which surprises an American like me, who is used to seeing stick-figure Korean females in dramas & movies. She has a butt, hips, AND breasts!

Casting her alongside a M.A.N. like Ajushi Oh was a stroke of genius, and in reality, they'd probably make some mighty, fine babies together.

Anyway ... Oh's Go Man-soo promises to pass the Bar so that Oh Soo Jung will be his wife, but the final exam asks the question, "Would you steal for your precious Oh Soo Jung?" and naturally, Go Man-soo says Yes, he would.
On his wedding day, he's forced by courtesy and weakness to explain his misdeed to the seemingly gold-digging Oh Soo Jung, and she leaves our chubby boy at the altar.

Eight years pass, and Go Man Soo returns to Korea from America as the dashing, 40kg lighter, Karhl Go ...

He's so hottt.

Love his SMILE

and his PECS

And, O.M.G. were the shower scenes HOTTT!!!

sigh ...

Karhl Go is a famous golfer, and his anger toward Oh Soo-jung is what helped him to become so great in the sport.
He returns to Korea, meets Oh again, and his undying love for her is quelled by his desire for revenge.
He hires his manager's cousin to pose as a wealthy businessman, in order to seduce Ms. Oh, get her back to the altar, and then have the poser abandon her the same way that she abandoned pathetic, Go Man-soo eight years earlier.

There are several, other characters in the story, but the one I despised most was Oh's arch-nemesis, Park Da An as Yook Dae Soon.
She played a con-artist that gave everyone the impression that she was a sweet, innocent victim of Oh Soo-jung's abrasive barbs, when in reality, she was a manipulative, conniving b*tch out to destroy Oh Soo-jung in order to win the heart of the dashing Karhl Go.
Her character is what I absolutely abhor about Korean and Taiwanese dramas, so I was really glad to watch Get Karl! for the simple fact that NOTHING normal in the way of Asian dramas occurred!

The ending was a little weak, but not as weak as others I've seen, and because the two, main characters only kissed TWICE the entire, sixteen episodes, I have to say my disappointment remains high in the DRAMA department.
The OST was nothing to get excited about, either.

More of OH my, OH Lord, Oppa OH, yes?


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