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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hard Luck Hero

This is a 2003 Japanese flick that stars all of the V6 members, some of whom aren't all, that bad-looking!

Nagano Hiroshi, Sakamoto Masayuki, Inohara Yoshihiko, Morita Go, Miyake Ken, and Okada Junichi.

As of today, I have yet to see a Japanese flick that left me feeling disappointed or abused.
I thought for sure that Hard Luck Hero would be the first, but I was wrong.
This was as fast-paced, funny, and interesting as it claimed to be, and I laughed at the start, grew wide-eyed in the middle, and sighed with relief at the end, as always.

It's the story of a hapless restaurant employee who is conned into posing as a Muay Thai boxer for his buddy.
The Thai restaurant where the fight is held happens to be where all of the movie's characters congregate, though they are not related.
The two con-artists head for the ring, while two others, businessmen out to lunch, end up sharing a table with the restaurant owner (a Yakuza boss).
The last, two characters are at another table nearby, intent on stealing from the Yakuza boss a steel briefcase filled with illegal gambling money from the kickboxing match.

A series of events occurs in that brief moment to set off a super-charged chain reaction that takes us back to that restaurant a few times during three, separate drag races through the streets of Tokyo.
The three, separate pairs of young men all have their own reasons for being at the restaurant, and for wanting to run from the scene, but if I say anything more, it'll give away the meat of the movie.

I liked Hard Luck Hero, so I've embedded the trailer for you to check it out.


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