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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jing mou moon / Kung Fu Hip Hop

DIDN'T think I'd like this one, but because it stars my HUNNY, Chen Siu-chun (Jordan Chan), I had to give it a whirl.
Maybe it was just, really REFRESHING to see his royal sweetness in a flick again, or maybe it's because the OST wasn't all, that bad ...
Whatever the case, Kung Fu Hip-Hop was actually WORTH the watch!

The reviews elsewhere aren't as favorable, though.
But, in all fairness to Huayang Fu (the director), the majority of these reviews seemed to come from hard-core street boppers, or those who THINK they are.

Jordan Chan, Fan Bing Bing, Nan Xian Jun, Pan Xiao Ting, Gao Min, YANG YANG , Xing Ao Wei

Fan Bing-bing

Nam Hyun Joon / 남현준

hot-TAY Siu-chun

Jordan's character plays a street-smart mechanic/hustler who tries to remain a disciplined martial artist (to appease his late grandfather), though his style has always moved to the beat of a hip-hopper.
He has the responsibility of taking care of his younger, going-blind sister, who needs an operation.

Fan Bing-bing is a popular DJ who discovers Chu Dong (Chan) when there is a glitch in the big screen at a nightclub where she works, and where Chu Dong hawks his online wares outside. Chu Dong dances to the beat between customers, and Tina (Fan Bing-bing) claims he caused her fingers to be resurrected.

Chu Dong isn't interested in competing in a Dance-Off against Korean, Nam Hyun Joon, better known as Poppin Hyun Joon, but he pulls together the mechanic-boys to form a spectacular dance troupe anyway.

Since Michael Jackson's Thriller, it has always puzzled me how and why a single dancer can be sited as awesome, when he has anywhere from six to sixteen people around him, doing the exact, same thing!?
Aren't they ALL great, or talented, or special?

I still, don't get it.

I've never been there, but I know I would never WANT to visit Beijing, and Kung Fu Hip-Hop gave me yet, another reason not to like that Capitol city.
The film was gritty & cold, which is the ONLY impression I've ever had, or probably ever WILL have, of Beijing.

No thanks.

If I didn't have such a mad crush on Jordan Chan, then I probably never would have bothered to watch Kung Fu Hip-Hop, but here is the trailer, just in case you might be interested.


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