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Friday, November 28, 2008

April Snow / 외출 (Wi-chool)

This is the first time I ever saw Bae Yong-jun in anything aside from his magnificent, online body-shot images.

This was my introductory image of "...the highest-paid actor in Korea".

Naturally, being the horny-ass chick I am, I had to see more ... so I hunted him down online, and to my MAJOR disappointment, this is what I found:

Perhaps I'm the only woman alive that thinks this way, but I don't find Bae Yong-jun attractive AT all.
Slammin' bod aside, I think he looks a bit nerdy, and a tad uppity for my taste.

SLAMMIN' bod, though ...

Nice hair too, when it's long, that is ...

Now, back to the movie

April Snow was not what I expected from someone that demands an exorbitant amount of money per film or drama.
I anticipated much more from By-j AND the movie, but what I got was a slow, almost BORING piece of work instead.

April Snow's storyline was a good one, about a man and a woman that rush to the same hospital after their spouses are in a car accident, and they both discover that the accident involved their spouses in the same car ... which spells affair, which means nearly two hours of enthralling ups & downs between the two, surviving partners.

April Snow didn't do that, though. Instead, it showed a long, drawn-out series of pregnant pauses, snippets of the inside story about the love affair, and then awkward moments between the betrayed husband & wife that are left behind to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

April Snow HAD the potential, but to me, it didn't go anywhere or do anything out of the ordinary to spark, let alone keep my interest.

I'll give Bae Yong-jun another chance to impress me as I'm still curious to discover what all the hype is about. For now, I'm still left with the same, first-impression ...



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  1. i like korean actors so much... they are so hot and so sweet......


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