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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Umizaru (2004)

Sea Monkeys

In the first half of this movie, I was laughing my ass off, and in the last half, I had tears in my eyes.

This line will probably stick with me for awhile, too: "Two tank with 30 bars...40 meters underwater. What do you plan to do?"

This one, too: "I had sex with a sea monkey?"

Um ... I wish I could say that I had!!!

I watched this because it starred Ito Hideaki, whom you all know by now is my FAVORITE Japanese actor. He joins a group of coast guard rookies (14 in all) in the hopes of graduating as a search/rescue member.

So many bared BUTTS in this flick!! Niiiice!

The scenery was beautiful, especially the sunset scenes, and I'll always appreciate the way that Japanese film-makers stick to reality when making movies. It's so, NOT Hollywood, no wonder I'm addicted to these things!!

There is a sequel to Sea Monkeys, (Umizaru II, Evolution), and it stars Ito AND Toru Nakamura!!! Can't wait to watch that one, too!

Besides Ito, there were three, other hot guys in this flick, but I can't find ANY legit information on them OR Umizaru 2004! The mistakes in cyberspace can boggle the mind sometimes.

Umizari was worth watching, so rent it or watch it online, like I did.

He's so Ke Ai!



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