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Monday, September 01, 2008

Can't Live Without Robbery / 도둑맞곤 못살아

This was FUNNY!!!

What a refreshing change to see my love-interest in something besides a dark, dismal drama with a predictable, unhappy ending! He actually smiled a few times, too!

Robbery came out back in 2002, and I'm just now getting around to watching it thanks to Crunchyroll. I still need to see Glass Slipper, Law Firm, We Are Dating Now, Delicious Proposal, and Models.

The movie (also known as Steal it if You Can, The Thief Maker, or Dodookmatgo Motsala) stars So Ji-sub as Choi Kang-jo, a wealthy, playboy business tycoon whose hobby it is to break into people's houses for the thrill, and not to take anything of value.

Park Sang-myun as Ko Sang-tae, the unhappy and clueless husband/father who married a wealthy woman and lives in a fancy house in a deserted area of Seoul that is generally used for military practice. (Dinosaur eggs were discovered on the property, so Ko's dream of an upper-class neighborhood went up in smoke once his home was built).

Song Seon-mi as Mari, his beautiful wife who lacks taste buds, so she can't cook.

Anyway, Robbery is a good flick if you like nonsense and So Ji-sup! He targets the lone mansion outside the big city, and he succeeds in breaking in several times. He tastes Mari's food and chokes, but the unusual flavors of her pig's ear sushi intrigue him, so he sends her an email asking for another sample dish.

Ko Sang-tae meanwhile is determined to catch the burglar, so he enrolls in a Tae Kwon-do class, and that (imho) was the best part of the whole movie. There were scenes in that part that had me rotf to the point where I had to worry about my neighbors next door & below me (I live in an apartment with very, thin walls).

Yes,Asia says that their DVDs are out-of-stock and that they don't make it anymore, which is too bad. I wouldn't mind watching it again, and again on a cold, dreary night in the dead of winter, or when I'm bored, or with my mother, whom I think would enjoy Can't Live!

I said that I would watch anything that stars SO, and I didn't expect to see anything outside the ordinary when I decided to give this flick a try. I'm glad that I watched it, and I'll bet you will be, too.


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