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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Warlords (2007)

Tóu Míng Zhuàng

This bloody piece of work stars Andy Lau, Jet Li, and Takeshi Kaneshiro. Leading up to it's premiere, this dark and dismal flick garnered much in the way of anticipatory excitement in Asia and abroad, but I have no idea about what occurred afterward.

It's the story of a soldier who survives a bloody battle, and after he wanders into a filthy and desolate encampment, he manages to encourage the men to follow him into battle against his foe.

Jet Li is that soldier, and he not only cried, but he behaved like a naughty boy when he had sex with & fell in love with Andy Lau's common law wife!!!

Andy's character was the only one that stayed true to form, because Takeshi Kaneshiro's character was even more far-removed than Li's! Li portrayed a bad boy (for a welcome change, and now that he's too old for it to matter anymore), but Tak's character was ... well, he was insane, to put it mildly.

Such a refreshing change, and yet the movie was far, too brutal for me to actually enjoy. I'm sure the writers & directors kept to the script & tried to portray reality as best as they could, but ... ugh. I think I took a hot shower after it was over.

Andy's so cool, Tak is so hot, and Li is ... well, he's someone I don't think I know anymore! And, don't get me wrong, because I think it's great when actors can step outside themselves like this and shock the hell out of their fans! You need to watch the movie in order to understand where my confusion & unenthusiastic review stems from.

It was good, but in a depressing & bone-chilling sort of way that I'm not, too fond of. The acting was superb, and the storyline was quite interesting. It's just that Warlords is probably the exact opposite of Hero, and maybe that's where my depressed emotions lie.


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