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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Umizaru: Evolution

I'm so happy to know that there is a 3rd Umizaru!

Hurricanes occur in America every year, and a majority of the time, those weather systems do not affect us here in the north. This year, all that changed and I think this was the rainiest week on record. With nowhere to go on such a dismal weekend, I stayed home and watched Asian dramas online.

I started with Umizaru (Sea Monkey) which was a movie. It captivated me enough to make me want to watch the sequel, Umizaru: Evolution (an 11 episode drama).
The movie was awesome, and the drama was incredible.

Evolution went in depth with the original movie, and it was SO exciting to watch Ito Hideaki work alongside Toru Nakmura!! Two, hot guys, baring their chests for a majority of the time, and I got to stare at them in awe.

In Evolution, Ito returns as Senzaki Daisuke, the likable good-guy who is older by a few years, but no, less naive or determined to do the right thing at all cost. He lost his 'buddy' in the movie, and then he teams up with Nakamura in Evolution.

Nakamura plays Ikezawa Masaki, an aloof, private guy that seems to have a chip on his shoulder, but it turns out he's actually quite shy and afraid of failure. Nakamura is cool by every definition of the slang term, and Ito is simply amazing to look at, so to see the two of them acting together made me a very, happy woman!

Evolution had the same, seamless storyline as the movie, and the writers gave you enough time to breathe before something else nail-biting occurred, which is always appreciated by someone as naturally anxious as me. There were funny moments, shocking moments, sad moments, and happy moments ~ which makes for the perfect blend imho!

His wife calls him Ma-ku, and he wants to die. So cute!

I plan to watch Umizaru: Limit of Love next, but I already intend to order the movie and Evolution dvds. I think my mom will enjoy this as much as I have, so I'd like to share it with her.

The theme song, Ocean, will probably be in my head for a long time.

This theme song was really pretty ~ and it helped to bring the tears on during the sadder moments.


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