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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Air City / 에어 시티 (Ae-eo Si-ti)

This was the last drama that AZN featured before it went off the air for good back in April, and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. NOT to say it wasn't a good drama, because it was! What I found most interesting though, was that they could come up with a credible and GOOD show that centered around the lives of airport security workers. =)

The only complaint I had was with the love triangle thing. Our cutie-pie, Lee Jin-wook had a real love going, while our Mr. Lee Jung-jae merely strung the chick along as he pined away for a lost love. In the end, no one won, (as per usual with a majority of the Korean dramas I've watched) when Jin-wook SHOULD HAVE gotten the girl!!! Bugs the crAp outta me.

Lee Min-wook

Lee Jung-jae did not impress me at first, because I had a bigger crush on Lee Jin-wook! As the show progressed however, I began to see what Jung-jae had to offer, and I liked it.

Lee Jung-jae

The pretty woman as both men's love interest, Choi Ji-woo (Han Do Kyung) was actually quite credible as a woman that two or more men might want to fight over (which for me is rare in Korean dramas).

To me, the funniest parts were always whenever my favorite (one of them anyway) actor appeared on screen, and that would be Mr. Kwon Hae Hyo. He's so cool. Since My Lovely Samsoon, I've always enjoyed watching anything that he appears in, and part of his charm stems from his innate ability to make his characters so believable!. I know I could hang with a guy like Mr. Kwon and not feel intimidated by his greatness or awe-struck by his appearance.

I laughed when Lee Jung-jae passed out from exhaustion while trying to fight. THAT was funny. And though it wasn't funny, I really enjoyed the part about the painted falcon on the runway. That was awesome, but far from realistic, what with the darkness & wind as factors in their efforts to shoo away the pesky birds.

Over here, we use hunting dogs.

Now, I can't recall when THIS guy appeared, but my oh MY is he a hot one!!!!

This is Marco ladies & gentlemen ...

Funny, considering I watch these dramas for the sole purpose of being SENSUALLY entertained, you'd think I'd remember something THIS incredible, huh?

DAAAAAMN he's fine!!!

I hope he makes more dramas, and that he scores better roles. My guess is, he was one of the fake construction workers at the loading dock, trying to steal the mint. He wasn't the directors son, was he? I don't think so. I DON'T KNOW! I'm just stunned that he was in the drama, and I never noticed him! How could you MISS something that ... WOW?!!

Anyway, Air City was good, but I doubt I'd watch it again ... wait a sec! I guess I will need to give it a second go, and see if I can't find Mr. Hot-Ass MARCO somewhere in the show! o.0

he's so cute


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