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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ice Girl / 그녀가 돌아왔다

It's late, but I just finished watching ICE GIRL, and I better blog now, or I might forget what to say.

I chose this drama on Mysoju because it starred KIM NAM JIN, one of my favorite Korean actors. I made it as far as episode seven when I couldn't take it anymore, and I quit the show.

I've figured out by now that the producers must think that unless something tragic happens, no one will be interested. The love story at the beginning was adorable, but it pissed me off that she had to have a rare heart defect and would die. SIGH! An abused concept that actually causes the REVERSE affect on someone like me. I lose interest in stories with this common denominator, and I'm sure I'm not alone, too.

The reason that I stopped watching after episode six completed was because I couldn't TAKE it anymore! What did the beautiful, young orphan Jung Ha-Rok DO to deserve the heart wrenching treatment that he endured all that time? He was very cute, by the way.

Park JinWoo

When I saw the pathetic waste that he became 25 years later, I felt like I might die. My sense of righteousness screamed inside my head, a squelched sob ached inside my throat, and my eyes grew sore from the unshed tears that blurred my vision. What did Jung Ha-Rok DO to have to be forced to live that sort of unjustifiable existence?

Maybe it's because of my own, pitiful existence that I hate so much to see anyone else have to go through the daily BS that I live with that has me rail against such an injustice, I don't know. It's bad enough that there are no answers, or even cures for my own meaningless life, so why should I be forced to have to watch it unfold on anyone else? I couldn't take it anymore, so I stopped watching ICE GIRL. But, after more than a month, I decided to give it another chance. When I quit watching, it was because I couldn't figure out a single way that Jung Ha-Rok would EVER find the happiness that he sought with Kim So-ryung. And then, as it began to turn around for him, it kind a made me feel creepy inside. He needed to let go of his past and start to live for himself, so it was NOT going to help him to get together with the new So-ryung.

This was the first drama that I ever watched where I did not want to see my hero, Ajushi KIM get the girl. In fact, I almost resented the fact that he played a part in his own father's heartache. OH!!! And when they started that bullsh*t about older men and younger women, I wanted to scream. Creepy or gross is 65 & 20, yes? Age is a number, the heart is an organ, and COMPATIBILITY has everything to do with happiness in love. People who think this way must ALSO agree that race, religion, and social status are determining factors in love as well.

SHAME on narrow-minded, prejudiced people like that!

ICE GIRL was not the worst drama that I ever saw, but it was not something that I would ever watch again. I don't even know that I'd recommend it to friends. It was the worst drama that I ever saw Ajushi KIM in, that's for sure! I've been crunching the numbers for awhile too, and it still makes no sense to me how a twenty-four year old can be a Doctor. Isn't it EIGHT years of med school, and THEN you become an intern, or are things different in Korea? Maybe my Ajushi was a genius or something, who knows.

Genius or not, bad drama or not ... he'll always be a Korean drama draw for me.

Kim Nam Jin



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