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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Playboy Cops / Fa Fa Ying King


This seemed as if it would be a silly movie (based on the title alone), until I saw that Jingle Ma was the director, and then I knew that it would be better than expected.

After watching Playboy Cops (Fa Fa Ying King in Cantonese), I was very grossed out, but thoroughly pleased with the film. It started out at one end of the spectrum, became utterly intense in the middle, and then it ended at the other end: as gruesome and sad as Ma would no doubt have it end.

What I'll never understand about these types of movies though, (action/suspense) is how they let you know the 'whodunit' part practically five minutes into the film! Maybe Ma thought that by showing the Yacht scene, that it would perhaps throw most of us off, but I wasn't having it. I think maybe that his direction is so, well advised, and that his style is so pristine, that the element of surprise no longer works for a man of his genius.

Knowing who did it so early in the film did NOTHING to lessen my interest in Playboy Cops, though! Shawn Yue as Michael Mak Ho Man, Linda Chung as the love interest, Lisa, and Chen Kun as Lincoln Lam made an awesome duo. Linda Chung, however, did not seem like the type of woman that not one, but TWO billionaire players would fight over (sorry!)

I first saw Chen Kun in Balzac & the Little, Chinese Seamstress. That was a terrific movie, and he played a terrific role. Shawn Yue is cool, and throughout this film, I kept thinking that he looks an awful lot like Edison Chen.

If I ever find the time (and the inclination) I might, just do a cover story on Asian Actor look-alikes.

Anyway, these two made an awesome pair, and they worked well together imho!

Chen Kun (l) Shawn Yue (r)


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