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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Seducing Mr. Perfect / Mr. Ro-bin Ggo-si-gi

Mr. 로빈 꼬시기

Well, there were several reasons why I decided to watch this flick, and one being that I was curious as to whether or not our dashing Mr. Henney's acting had improved.

Um ... I don't know about the rest of the female population, but for me, I think I'd rather just see him in magazine spreads from now on.

It's painfully embarrassing to watch such a gorgeous creature like him make such an absolute FOOL of himself, and on such a wide screen, too! How can he be so good on camera, and absolutely credible in commercials, but stink so, SO bad on film???

It's my broad speculation that since he IS such an immensely beautiful guy, that Korea refuses to give up on him. I certainly can't blame them if this is true, either! Who wouldn't want to see something this amazing on television or at the theatre?

Maybe it's just as hard for the guy to master the art of acting as it seems to be for him to learn his mother's native tongue? Who knows. Has anyone dared to ask him yet? Does he know that he's not good, because I'd hate to be the one to break such bad news to someone so handsome.

He He He

As regards Mr. Perfect, it was a great story-line, but ... WTF? That was IT? The fastest film on record, I think. She bumps him while applying lipstick at a traffic light, he threatens to sue her, and she pretends not to understand English. Turns out he's her new boss, and a cold-hearted womanizer to boot. She's the exact opposite, and her current boyfriend dumps her because she's such a push-over. Mr. Perfect trains her in the subtle but cruel art of seduction, and she ends up winning the game. THE END!

Actually, for me, it was the last, five minutes of this film that I enjoyed the most. But, I still don't get it! Did the studio run out of tape or something? It just ENDED, and I had to look at my watch to try and figure out just, how long was this film anyway? Ten minutes? A half-hour? What? Zip, zip, zip, and it's over. Did they even kiss? I can't recall because I spent the entire 45 minutes (I think) in anticipation of things to come, and then it was over, and I think maybe I could have fallen asleep or something, because ... it ENDED, and I had no idea why.

Dear Korean Movie Studio Executives: I know your cash cow is being threatened with foreclosure due to lack of audience participation, and that you're terrified of losing the good thing that you had at the turn of the century. If you'd like to get back that captive audience and continue to make money, why not think about the people that you pander to, (or is it vice versa?)? That was EIGHT years ago, and people change with the times, in case you didn't know. Your audience is growing older, so wouldn't it make sense to MATURE your dramas as well? What worked so well back then may not be the golden ticket item in 2009. A gorgeous face, awesome hair, and a hunk-a-licious bod will remain prerequisite until Kingdom come, but the situations that you place these incredible creatures in has GOT to change! Older, wiser, and more sophisticated characters may help you to win back a loyal but aging fan-base, so THINK ABOUT IT before you decide to call it a day, huh?

Daniel Henney


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