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Thursday, February 04, 2016


Movie: Monster
Romanization: Mon-seu-teo
Hangul: 몬스터
Director: Hwang In-Ho
Genre: Horror, Suspense, Comedy
Released: March, 2014



Bok soon (Kim Go eun) lives with her younger sibling. She runs a street stand. Bok soon is slow, but when people anger her, she goes crazy. That's why she is known as the "crazy woman".
One day, cold-blooded killer Tae soo (Lee Min ki) appears in front of her.
Filmed in May, 2013, in Chuncheon, South Korea.


Crazy sh*t!

But, Lee Min ki never looked more fine

Lee Min ki

He should be wrapping up his military duty about now, I hope.

Anyway, this is about a mentally challenged young girl living with her younger sister in a rural village, and Bok soon sells vegetables to help the two parent-less siblings survive.

Tae soo is a psycho living in a beautiful house on the mountainside in this village, and his hobby includes pottery (l'ing ol for a reason).

He's the youngest of three brothers, and as a child, the two older brothers manipulated and lied their way into adulthood, leaving little Tae soo to take the blame and get punished (meant to explain his psychotic mental state as an adult).

The oldest brother asks the middle brother to retrieve a cell phone from one of his female employees.

Tae soo is ordered to retrieve the phone, and he kills her in the process before discovering she has a ten-year old sister inside the house.

He kidnaps the girl, takes her back to the lovely chalet, and tells her that she has until he finishes a glass of wine to run and hide. If he finds her, he will kill her, and if she tries to enlist the aid of anyone, he'll kill them as well.

The girl runs to Bok soon's house and the girls keep her there, but the next day, on their way into town, they bump into the inevitable and the story takes off at a gruesome yet fast pace.

We learn more about Tae soo and discover just how feisty Bok soon can become (to explain the 'comedy' aspect -- that isn't a type-o).

Lots of gore and violence in this one, but with just as much terrify to make this a good one if you're really into this kind of thing.

I'm not, but when I saw Hotty's name on the playbill, I had to watch!


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