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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Falling for Challenge

Aka: Falling for Dojeon
Genre: YA Romance
Writer: Seo Dong seong, Woo Soo jin
Episodes: Six
Release: October, 2015
Theme Song: You Are The One - Xiumin


Jang Hui ryoung as Gi Yeo woon, Xiumin as Na Do jeon, Kim So eun as Ban Ha na, and Jang Yoo sang as Nam Gong dae


Na Do jeon (XIUMIN) meets Ban Ha na (Kim So Eun), the leader of hobby club ′One Plus,’ and they work to meet challenges head-on while chasing their dreams. ~Wiki


Xiumin wants to be a professional clown (Pierrot, as they always refer to it) and he meets Ba HA na, the creator of a college campus club titled One Plus (never makes English sense) that is meant to help people aspire to goal greatness (somehow) but there are no takers, and so the Dean is determined to shut down the club and take back their tiny, closet-size room.

Banana enlists the aid of the Mime wannabe and her good friend meets a loud guy who is full of himself, but she is smitten and so he reluctantly agrees to her demands.

The four of them have their separate ideas of stardom, but they collaborate on a few part-time acting jobs as cartoon characters for kids' parties and make some money that way.

They get into a shouting match when they all think one person's dream is getting more attention than another's, and then they make up and go their separate ways.

And, yes, they achieve their goals as well.

Another Korean short, six fifteen-minute long episodes that wrap things up real quickly while managing (maybe not too much in this case) to solve the initial dilemma right quick.

I still enjoy these mini series and will continue to watch them -- and review if I think it's worth the effort.


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