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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Love Cells 2

Title: 연애세포 / Yeonaesepo
Also known as: Romance Cells / Dating DNA
Genre: Romance, comedy, fantasy
Format: Web drama
Network: Naver TV Cast
Related Series: Love Cells


Kim Yoo jung as Navi, Im Seul ong as Tae Joon, Jo Bo ah as Ye Bom, Park Eun ji as Hye Ri, and 
Choi Young min as Yoon Hwan


Based on the popular Webtoon “Love Cells“ by 김명현 (Kim Myung Hyun) published in 2010.
In Season Two's bittersweet love story, Navi (Kim Yoo jung) acts like a navigation of love in the relationship. She leads the way for the main characters to piece together their long lost memories of love.


At first, I wanted to search for and watch the first season, but when that proved tedious, I just went ahead and watched this second season, and I'm glad that I did.

Another short-but-sweet Web drama (meaning 15 minute shorts) with 2 a.m.'s Im Seul ong starring as Tae joon, a determined chef who is in the habit of saying Let's wait, Not now, Some day, and Later until his sweet girlfriend (Ye bom) has had enough and ends the relationship.

Jo Bo ah as Ye Bom

All those with a broken heart who can't seem to get past that phase are encouraged to visit the Love Cells clinic and have their love cell removed -- storing their beautiful, pink ball of fluff in a cryogenic fashion until such a time when they might need or want it back.

Love cell

Tae joon does this, and five years later, he's a celebrity chef of sorts, creating artful dishes and working with a sexy host on a television cooking show.

The sexy host, Park Eun ji as Hye Ri, is desperate to get with Tae joon, but without his mojo, he's not interested in love, relationships, or feelings and only lives to fulfill his career goals.

Hye ri somehow gets the clinic workers to steal his mojo and return it to Tae joon so that she can fulfill her dream of having him love her in return.

The plan goes awry, though, and a stray tuxedo cat ends up swallowing the pretty, pink ball that escaped the cryogenic tube.

Now the cat, Navi, has to figure out a way to get Tae joon to want the cell back himself so that she will have her dream of becoming a star fulfilled.

Tae joon is stubborn and refuses to take the cell back.

He's happy with his life and doesn't want to be bothered with love this time around.

Im Seul ong as Tae joon

Meanwhile, Ye bom is in a 500-day relationship with a young hotty with great hair and model-like features: Choi Young min as Yoon Hwan.

Choi Yeong min as Yoon hwan

Very nice.

He's crazy about Ye bom, but she is hesitant and we all know why even if he doesn't.

Navi gets mixed up with He ri and is threatened with extinction if she doesn't get Tae joon to reinsert his mojo, and Navi is determined to get what she wants as well, so she sides with He ri.

However, after Navi bumps into Ye bom a few times, she realizes that love is a bit stronger and more important than superficial and personal gain.

Kim Yoo jung as Navi

Episode nine was missing at, and episode Ten had screwed up subs there and at Dramafever.

Still, I watched the whole thing in less than an hour, and it was a fun thing to do.

The acting is good, the story line is fun, and I enjoy the slice-of-life aspect these web dramas bring to the table.

Love Cells 2 Wallpaper


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