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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Heirs

왕관을 쓰려는자, 그무게를 견뎌라 - 상속자들 / 
Wangkwaneul Sseuryeoneunja, Geumoogereul Gyeondyeora - Sangsokjadeul
The Inheritors / The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstands the Weight - The Heirs

Okay, so this hot and now drama finally ended this week and ...

because this will be the fastest critique of a Korean drama that I've ever had to work on.

Are you ready?

My summation of The Heirs, The Inheritors, the ...whatever the danged title actually wants to be.

And, this is it, folks ...

The end!

I mean, what more do I actually need to say about this one? This was it from start to finish. 

Mian haeyo


Mian to my readers, too.
I just wasn't as into this one as the rest of the KDo world, and even if it did star some great actors.
I adored the chicks, too, believe it or not.
And, I didn't, even mind when they uttered a few English phrases.
I did, however, get all pissy about their using non-actor 'white' folk as fill-in.
Case in point:

See, she can't even take simple direction - like, you're supposed to AVOID looking at the camera during a shoot, stupid!

The first, few agonizing episodes in Korea-California were cringe-worthy as well, with that dolty blond guy wanna-be who's head must be stuck back in 1982, when Fast Times at Ridgemont High came out, cause he acted like, sounded like, and even tried to look like Jeff Spicoli.
And our leading man's college professor who had so, few lines - phrases actually - and he chopped them up, made them sound difficult, and stiff. You can always tell a bad or fake actor by the way they put the accent on the wrong syllable or word in these phrases, too.

I would like some pie becomes I would like SOME pie for no, good reason.
No accent at all is necessary, really. I would like a word with you is natural - but when you hear I would like a word WITH you ... It's annoying.

Alright, the bitchy-ness aside, I still can't say I thoroughly enjoyed this drama.

I did like the actors, and here's why

Choi Jin hyuk

and so on, and so forth

Let's talk about Choi first, shall we?
His voice has GOT to be one of the sexiest, most dreamy voices of any guy in Korean la-la land, huh?
The type of voice that makes you close your eyes and start thinking all kinds a nasty thoughts.
Please, call me some time, baby, and just read the lines of your next script to me, okay? I'll be right here listening.


I think he was cute when he was Kim Tae ho ----------------->
But, now that he's a man, well, I like him even more.

He played Kim Tan's hyeung in this show, and he was a bully for the most part, not liking Kim Tan for being the younger son of a concubine, which made him think everyone was dissing his omanee, who wasn't in the show or the mansion, and I think maybe she was supposed to be dead or abandoned by the father? It was never, quite clear about some of these relationships, but who cares.

I liked every moment of air time that Choi Jin hyuk received.

And then we have our sleeper star, Kim Woo bin.

And, why the hell not?!

Strange as it sounds, this guy actually has less to brag about in the handsome face category than our Min ho, and yet ...


He's got it going on somewhere, somehow, because he drew me in instantaneously and held me captive every time he showed up to kick someone's ass, push someone around, bully the mousy female lead, and then turn right around and show us just how sweet, caring, and thoughtful he really is, making me want him even more.

It's called charisma, and this guy has it by the ton.

He's exotic-looking in a not-so-Korean exotic way.

He's got that sexy voice, too, though not in the same league as our Choi Jin hyuk.

He wears it well, too, doesn't he? I mean, not everyone can pull off lime green, much less a neck-brace, up to your nose turtleneck sweater - but he sure can.

Poor mega-star Lee Min ho.

Woo bin did more than just kick your butt a few times in this drama. I think it's safe to say he stole your thunder.

I didn't forget about Min ho-sshi.
Here he is in a few screen captures as well.

I was actually very grateful to Min ho sshi for reminding me of an oldie but goodie. It's been in my head ever since, and here is the youtube video so you can enjoy it, too.

let's give it up for Soul 4 Real y'all!

Thanks, Kim Tan!

Now, I know I'm gonna generate more than the usual amount of hater-mail than usual when I say this, but ... I don't, seriously care for our Min ho.
I mean, I don't, and then I do, and then I don't again, and then there is that time when I'm thinking hmm, y'know? maybe he's got a lil something going on after all.

He's a terrific actor, though. I just got this feeling that he wasn't, all that into this part the way that I was with the whole drama. I liked his favorite scene, where he introduces his concubine omanee to his arranged marriage partner and her money-grubbing mother. That was good.

He just seemed to be as tired of the same, old lines being repeated throughout and in the same, exasperating scenes as I was, that's all.

Now, when I saw him in Faith, that was something altogether different.


Did I blog about that one yet, I wonder? If not, I will right away, because THAT was something special, and so was he.

Oh, alright.

The Heirs is about a group of 18-year-old 11th graders from chaebol's who have to go up against their tyrannical parents in order to get what they want.
In Kim Tan's case, it's the girl.
Naturally, she's a poor, down-and-out nobody with a mute mother, and that mother just happens to be the personal slave of Kim Tan's mother.
And, even more natural, the girl Kim Tan is in love with ends up moving into his house.

Then the chaebol dad finds out, all hell breaks loose, he kicks her and the mute out, makes them suffer, Kim Tan finds out and chases her down, realizes he's the reason she's suffering and dumps her, then he walks around drunk and disorderly for awhile.

They finally come together, though, and act 'more adult' than the adults (of course, they did!) and so we get to have our Cinderella ending (like always).

There ... that's my review of The Heirs.


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