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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

도망자: Plan B / Domangja: Plan B/ Fugitive: Plan B / Runaway: Plan B

Yes, this goes all the way back to 2010, but whatever.
And, I actually watched it back in early 2011, too. Still, you guys know I've been away for awhile, graduating from College and all.
I'm back now, and have a boat-load of catching up to do, so please bear with me.

For a majority of 2010, all of Korea and much of the outside world hyped this thing to the utmost.
And, why, you ask?
Why, because of it's leading man, of course.

Rain Ji hoon in Fugitive: Plan Bi

It was labeled as an Action, Romance, Comedy, and for 20 episodes, I'd have to say they were right.
Rain supplied the comedy, Daniel the romance, and the leading lady, well ... Rain provided a lot of the action, too. Not with the leading lady, but whatever.

I like her! Don't start throwing your hate mail my way, because she's one of my favorite Korean actresses.
In Plan: Bi, she is the daughter of some guy who holds the key to the whole reason behind this story being written. She sets out to find the truth, bumps into Rain's character, and for 19 of the 20 episodes, it's cat & mouse, give and take, hot and cold between them.

Daniel's character knew her first, though. He's a big-time, globe-trotting rich guy with a secretary always by his side who more resembles a masochistic playmate in waiting than a secretary.

She likes Danny, doesn't she? Wait ... maybe she really does take her job more serious than her heart? No, wait, she just looked at her boss that way again, didn't she?


The street cop NEARLY stole the show, and if I remember right, a lot of viewers felt the same way.

Lee Jung jin in Fugitive: Plan B

It wasn't meant as a grabber with lot's of neat eye-candy type drama, but it did star that way.
We got to see Rain half-naked a few times, but for me, it always leaves me craving more.  MUCH, much more, so I'm torn between wanting to see it happen and turning away with a sad pout, "Stop torturing me already!"

Actually, there is enough of his sinewy, tanned goodness to go around online, so it isn't all that agonizing to have to watch in whatever movie or drama he stars.

About the show: Rain's character is this outlandish, it'll never happen in a billion years street-wise punk who ends up, at a relatively YOUNG age, amassing a small fortune. At least enough to get him into this totally amazing office with beyond-technologies-wildest-dreams ... er, technology. It helps him to stay a step or three ahead of the enemy. And the cops.

He's kinda-sorta hired by the leading lady to help her find out why her parents had to die in a hotel back in Migu when people good and bad start popping back into his life, giving him the guarded notion that while he might not be interested in helping her, she did happen to bring along some unanswered questions in the form of these people from his past.

He accepts the offer to help.

Daniel's character vacillated throughout the show. You never knew one minute to the next which side he was really on, who he really cared for, and if he was going to end up being the one to die in a fiery crash first, or pull out one of those last-second change-up's that make you go WHOA.

Daniel Henney in :Plan Bi

His acting actually improved when this aired, but not by much. Stranger still, I watched him in the now defunct American series Three Rivers, and he was a completely different person. Which made me wonder if trying to act like a Korean in Korea versus trying to act like a Korean-American in America are two, separate issues.

In Three Rivers, there were no awkward moments, no uncertainty in his voice, and none of that completely cringe-worthy trying-too-hard stuff. He was just Daniel being a character in a medical drama that wasn't all that bad, except that it didn't fly and got cancelled.

Stranger still, when he appears in a Korean drama or movie, it's much better for him to just take up space as utterly pleasing decoration without speaking (cameo), and in the American drama, it was a sad shame that he didn't have a bigger role with more lines.

Even if he wasn't so amazing to look at, I'll always like him for the simple fact that he hails from Michigan - my fair State - and Carson City is hundreds of miles north of me. I've been there! Before I ever heard of him, though, and before he became a star, which means it's entirely possible that we saw one another, passed each other on a city sidewalk, or even dined in the same restaurant without, even realizing it. It's like that here in Michigan - a tourist destination with tons to see and do, and miles and miles to do it in.

Back to the story

Well, actually, I think I summed this one up already. An action drama filled with chases, shoot-outs, stand-offs, and even a bit of nail-biting instances that made you wonder what comes next.

Rain, I think, debuted as not only a funny man in this one, but also as a legit actor with something to prove.
He went that extra mile in Fugitive, so kudos to him for trying as hard as he did to prove that he isn't just another muscle-bound pop star turned actor.

I think it was worth the watch, and if you haven't seen this one yet, I suggest you fill a free time slot and get going.



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