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Friday, December 13, 2013

医龍 / Iryu / Team Medical Dragon 1-2-3


Stars: Sakaguchi Kenji as Asada Ryutaro, Abe Sadao as Arase Monji, Koike Teppei as Ijyuuin Noboru, Kitamura Kazuki as Kirishima Gunji
Broadcast period: 2006
Theme song: Believe by AI
Music: Kono Shin, Sawano Hiroyuki
I'd like to do something different this time and present to you a video blog.
The reason is simple, though complex in that I had to re-learn something as basic and elementary as Movie Maker for Windows 7.
It took awhile, and after about 2 a.m. I said ef this and just posted.
I know it's crude, unimaginative in it's design, and slightly nondescript with regard to purpose, but I promise to deliver better quality and more meaningful video posts in the future.
However, I felt obliged to try this for one reason alone, and that was the beautiful, almost haunting theme song that accompanied nearly every heart wrenching moment in this series.
Like always, trying to find anything Japanese online is futile - especially when it comes to mp3 and video releases.
So, I recorded the ending scenes of the 11th episode of season 1 so as to capture that tune and then blog about the show while letting you (and me) enjoy the song.
Hope you don't mind?
The only way you can see the video is by clicking on the link. It isn't made public, so only you, my readers, are privy. Hopefully, this will keep it in motion for a greater length of time before the powers that be find it and boot it off the airwaves. Just click the link to Enjoy!

Rain's First Video Blog

Season 2

2007 - You'll note by the cover for this season that a majority of the 1st-round players return, which is always a bonus whenever a show you adored comes back for another attempt at making you just as thrilled. A lot of times (for me anyway) it never works. The formula changes, the players have new faces, and there's a new writer adding their own touches and throwing off the tempo. Not so with Iryu. They stuck to the primary purpose, which was to have Asada advocate Batista, care more about saving lives than helping the hospital to grow, etc. And, again, each episode zeroed in on one, particular character's private life - which is the real reason why these types of dramas work for me. As far-fetched and unrealistic as they are - being based on manga - they still manage to tug at the human heartstrings, making you think " ... eh, it could happen!" even when you know it can't.

Season 3

2010 - Doc god Asada meets with more nemeses inside and outside the hospital where he works/quits/returns, saving more lives, delving deeper into the personal issues of his 'new' team ... going up against more at-the-top hot heads on the board of directors ... same old, same old ... but again, the formula didn't stray too far left or right to make me groan and quit this series. Besides, I like Sakaguchi! I'd watch him in the most boring, dry, yawn-inducing movie or drama just to be able to stare at and daydream about him. Hear his sexy voice in my ear as I'm dozing off. Wake up again and keep hoping he unbuttons another shirt button or ... hell ... takes the damn thing off!

"Now, what say we do something about the zipper on them jeans a yours, eh?"


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