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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Shiawase ni Naritai / 幸せになりたい!

I Want to be Happy!

2005 JDorama about a young girl and her two, younger brothers whose once-prosperous otoosan is heavily in debt and ends up committing suicide, leaving their bed-ridden okaasan to shoulder the responsibility.

While she was still the daughter of an upstanding businessman, she was tutored by a handsome senpai who now works for UBS in the city, and after the funeral - when two seemingly nasty debt collectors steal the offerings as partial payment - senpai offers her a job at the television station.

She dumps high school and goes to the glass tower seeking employment; starting out first as a janitor and then QUICKLY becoming a member of the drama staff.

Senpai's bujo is a female trying to make her way up the corporate ladder, but that isn't likely in (modern-day) Tokyo.

She isn't happy with senpai's lackadaisical attitude or his inability to finish anything he's expected to do, and as unrealistic as it sounds, she turns to the high school drop-out for support.

Her making some obvious mistakes along the way and even getting canned a few times was no-doubt meant to help us swallow the above-mentioned pie-in-the-sky scenario, but while it was far-fetched, I still enjoyed watching this drama.

The only believable aspect of this show was the mother giving up on life and not bothering to try anymore, while the rest of the story was as hokey and ridiculous as they come - with even the debt collectors being not, quite what they seem.

STILL - I watched clean through and found myself enjoying the show.

Maybe you will, too.


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