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Friday, June 24, 2011

Triangle / トライアングル

2009 JDorama that was meant to be suspence/thriller/murder mystery all rolled up into one, amazing story - and, it delivered & then some!

For starters, the star of the show was hunk-da-fied (even as he ages as fine as wine) Eguchi Yosuke from Lunch no Joou (my introduction to the gorgeous man).

Dude's got that '...not, really trying' attitude that works to draw a woman to him all the more, and I ADORE that in a man.

Besides Mr. Tall, Dark, and Gorgeous, the writer of this drama did a few things that made me enjoy the show, and the one that stood out most for me was the not pushing it at any point in this 11-episode whodunit.

Until the latter half of the final episode, I had no IDEA what the hell was going on, but that was alright!

Until each of the suspects is cleared in one form or another, we are left guessing at the end of each episode about who did what, why, and even how.

When the culprit finally was revealed, I kinda chuckled to myself and thought, "See, you sort of knew that around episode 3, didn't you?"

But - that's just because the truth played me for the fool, so I had to say SOMEthing to appease my otherwise astute nature in the mystery solving department.

Someone at made the ridiculous comment about the soundtrack not going with the show, and it made me laugh.

I also commented about it in my own review there - but, only to say I couldn't disagree with him/her more.

LOVED the OST and am still on the hunt for it online, too.

Anyway, for those of you who haven't watched this yet, it's about a ten-year-old boy who has a secret crush on the cute girl seated beside him in class, and on the day their teacher asks that they all write a letter to their 20 yr old selves, that girl is found dead near a ravine by that boy.

The story begins, though, with him as a grown man leaving a surgeon's position for an FBI spot in New York City, where he learns tons before being transferred to INTERPOL in France.

Finally, he returns to Japan and at once sets out to solve the statute ended case of the unsolved murder mystery.

We are introduced to new and old people, but we also get to look a bit deeper into this man's past, that of his relationship with the dead girl, and also to learn a bit more about the friends both associated with and still do.

Of course, we eventually discover Goda-sama's inner feelings, the pain he's had to live with most of his life, and why he behaves the way he does as a result.

There is a love story of sorts, but our Goda-sama is too, wrapped up in the mystery to let anything else stand in his way.

Hirosue Ryoko plays Sachi, the adopted daughter of the murdered girl.

She's the chick who starred alongside Takanouchi in the early days of the 21st Century, and after watching all of his stuff, I wondered if she ever did anything about that wild canine tooth of hers - and after viewing Triangle, it amazed me to discover that she hadn't!

Sakai Masato as Shimano Takaya, (Mr. Laughing Eyes from Kodoku no Kake,) is a wealthy curator who has this strange attachment to the new Sachi, is one of many suspects, and Tanihara Shosuke as Tomioka Yasushi (Love Shuffle, Mop Girl, Konkatsu, Yama Onna Kabe Onna and others) is a good friend of Goda's from elementary school who becomes a publisher and wants to write his own version of the murder but he can't, seem to get things started.

Goda's little sister (Aibu Saki as Goda Yui) is trying hard to take good care of Aniki without falling too deeply for his reluctant and befuddled, new partner (Inagaki Goro as Kuroki Shun) at the West Branch where his father happens to be some big-wig chief.

Kuroki's father was also assigned to the 25yr old case of the murdered, little girl, so our Goda Ryoji doesn't trust the son any more than he can believe what the father is trying to tell him (or not).

Poor guy remained in Goda-sama's shadow throughout this show, but he still did a great job of portraying the loyal, trustworthy, and respectable police detective whose only thought is to get the job done the right way and nothing else.

From the start, the guy had to struggle not to lose his cool with the aloof, seemingly pushy Goda, and then he's forced to have to ponder the uncomfortable notion that his old man may have done something unsavory in order to climb that high, that fast in rank over the years.

Personally, I enjoyed watching for the eye-candy, but the story was worth the time, and I think you'll enjoy it if you give it a go.


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