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Monday, May 30, 2011

Seigi no Mikata / 正義の味方

Crime Avenger

2008 JDorama about a younger sister being bullied by her older sister, who happens to be drop-dead gorgeous, extremely intelligent, and who has no fear.

SHE is a high school dreamer who knows her older sister is annoying, yet in every episode, she lets the beauty push her around, tease her, and even chase away potential boyfriends by telling them secrets to include she can't come out right now because she's going poop, and when she's in the tub, she makes music by farting.

Every time the girl gets into trouble, though, the older sister appears out of nowhere to lend a hand - and when the dust settles, the entire town is there to congratulate and sing the praises of older sister.

There weren't any super-stars in this one, but that didn't matter - I enjoyed every episode, and I think you will, too.


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