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Monday, May 30, 2011

めだか / Medaka

2004 Japanese drama about a woman slowly but surely going nowhere in life and still thinking that she'll find a man, get married, and settle into the life she was born to live.

Instead, she ends up teaching night school at a nearby high school, where she encounters a host of misfits, scholars, and drifters.

I figured after the first episode that each, subsequent episode would spotlight one of her students private life while also keeping us updated on the heroines personal problems, and I was right.

Eita is in this, and he happens to be a guy from her elementary school days, which shocked her at the start, but then they became good friends, and for eleven episodes I hoped they would get busy, too.

It wasn't a bad or boring drama, even if no one spectacular starred, and some of the storylines brought tears to my eyes while others made me groan.


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