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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

상두야,학교가자! / Sang Doo Ya, Hak Kyo Ka Ja!

Let's Go to School, Sang-doo!


This puppy goes ALL the way back to 2003, but who cares, and it stars Rain bi as Sang Doo, too.

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but my nick-name is Rain (Lorain), and my last name starts with a B - but since I'm older than the above-mentioned mega-star from Korea, it means I got there first, so I have no qualms about nor shame in using Rain B on profile pages and even at school - so THERE, Mr. Pop Idol, tight-bod name stealer.

Anyhow ~ we're supposed to be discussing Sang Doo Ya, Hak Kyo Ka Ja!, and so we shall.

At the website, not, too many folks viewed this, but an overwhelming majority of them gave it a 5 out of 5 rating despite the fact most everyone whined about the ending.

With regards to the ending ... I still can't figure out what the trouble was when it came to understanding just, what really happened ~ I mean, everyone argued that the couple simply walked away from their old lives to start anew somewhere else in Korea, and that is just, plain silly.

I'm never one to give away the plot or include spoilers in my blog, though, so let's just start from the beginning and see where it leads, shall we?

The story revolves around a young pair of misfits whose parents are the stereotypical assholes determined to corrupt or destroy their offspring by whatever means possible.

Despite that, boy and girl grow up to be respectable adults - and because Sang Doo is so, freakin' gorgeous, he's always surrounded by fan-girly sqeaky chicks all vying for his attention when he is truly in love with his childhood sweetheart, Chae Eun hwan (Gong Hyo jin).

Like most, every other Korean drama of this type, the misunderstandings, the innuendo that always goes over heads, and a general LACK of viable communication leads the two down separate paths that ominously predicts an inevitable, future meeting.

This occurs ten years later, with Sang Doo making a living as a gigilo and our mousy Eun hwan as a high school teacher.

Sang Doo first sits beside Eun hwan and starts talking about old times, and later on, she confesses to her new love about having suddenly met her old, first love again.

The new love, Kang Min-suk (Lee Dong gun), is a doctor who is treating a little girl with cancer, and she happens to be Sang Doo's child (or is she?) - so again, it's inevitable that the old sweethearts bump into each other again ... and again ... and yet, again throughout the sixteen episodes.

This is also another drama where two, relatively hunky dudes are vying for the attention of the same, frumpy woman who dresses like a 30-something old maid with zero sense of style or taste, and I never, quite understood that - but, at least I'm starting to get used to it at any rate.

And yeah, the little girl was on the kawaii side, but not completely - or, at least not enough for me to gush and coo every time I saw her.

Okay, so the jist of this one includes a lot of hedging, running in circles, and avoiding conflict by keeping quiet when reality dictates otherwise, but I guess that's why it's drama and not reality, eh?

Sang doo doesn't want Eun hwan to find out about his career, but he doesn't seem to mind elbowing his way back into her life, either.

He gets a job as a security guard at the school where she works, and he likes the idea of being that close to her again, but he tends to do everything wrong, and with gusto to boot, landing him in some hot water until he is eventually let go.

Not to be shaken off so easily, Sang Doo decides he'll just become a high school student in order to keep an eye on his gal.

See, back in the day, he never got the chance to graduate - but I can't tell you why, or what the circumstances were that prevented him from obtaining that goal.


So, along with studying trig, economics, languages, and so-forth, Sang Doo maintains the gigilo lifestyle so he has the $ needed to cover his 'daughter's' medical expenses, and the wack chick who is the little girl's mother ALSO happens to be ...


Okay-looking Doc, Min suk, is in love with our mousy Eun hwan, but that doesn't stop him from trying to get Sang Doo to change his mind about the way he lives so as not to disappoint, shock, or scare away the girl, NOR does he make much attempt to stop Eun hwan from reluctantly creeping back in Sang doo's direction, either.

Noble dude.

There is also the mid-point scenario where childhood sweethearts finally embrace, smile once more, and experience that blissful 'memory pleaser' kind of day ~ which ALWAYS signals that moment when we hear the needle scrape across the record and suddenly everything comes to a grinding halt ~ when our star-crossed duo are thrust into that inevitable yet unlikely twist of fate that tears them apart and keeps them that way until the very, last episode.

And, alas, in that last part of the show, when your muscles are now aching after having spent the past, fifteen episodes gripping the arms of your chair each time you THINK someone is going to 'get busy' so-to-speak, or at least KISS for crying out loud, only to have it NOT happen - so you can pretty much GUESS what is going to occur during the ' an intersection' moment in the drama.


Regardless of the outcome, and I must say, the writers did something quite unexpected this time around, but still, in a far-fetched and 'excuse me?' kind of way - I didn't think that the ending was all, that horrible, and, I'm sorry, but I don't see how it is possible to misconstrue what occurred AFTER the ' that intersection' moment.

You go, RAIN BI ~ it's a far cry from Full House, and a lot, less mellow dramatic than A Love to Kill ~ so here's hoping to see you on the big screen again soon ................................


That actually is released today, isn't it?

Not that it matters, since it'll be awhile before 'I' get to see it - so I'm looking forward to it - especially since it ALSO stars Daniel Henney!


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