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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

아빠가 여자를 좋아해 / Abbaga Yeojareul Jongahhae

Lady Daddy

January, 2010, Korean movie about a young boy searching for his real father, who turns out to be a woman (now).

Lee Pil mo stars in this one as an uppity reconstructive surgeon who once mentally and physically tortured the lead actress, (Lee Na yong as Ji hyeon) when he was a guy studying to become a physician but who ends up changing professions as well as his gender.

Pil mo's Min kyu eventually marries the woman Ji hyeon had a one-night stand with, and he treats the little boy like his own child.

No one from the past (save Ji hyeon's best friend) knows about the sex-change operation, and for at least ten years, Ji hyeon makes it on 'her' own as a photographer - but then the little boy sneaks away from a school camping trip and sets out to find his real father and all that begins to unravel.

This wasn't a particularly funny, outrageous, controversial, or even predictable movie, but it was worth watching imho - especially since Lee Pil mo was involved.

I thought that the story had meaning, and that the touchy topic was handled with enough finesse to keep those snooty enough to 'tsk' in disdain from even doing that much.

Only drawback for me was that Lee Na young didn't pass off the 'man' aspect of her role as well as expected, but she did a nice job trying at any rate.


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