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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Our School E.T. / 울학교 이티

2008 Korean movie about an aging, ex-boxer turned gym teacher who pulls a lot of Onizuka and Yankumi moves to help keep his students in line, but then it is decided that gym isn't so important anymore, and English is king.

The school is (again) run by a bunch of idiots who cave to the unrealistic demands of the parents (especially those with a lot of $$), and the staff are left to pick up the slack while the students pay the ultimate price.

To my surprise, however, this movie turned out to be funny, and in a very, good Korean sort of way, too.

Seong Geun (Kim Su ro) never did well in school, but he had a mentor who believed in him, so Geun decides he's going to become a teacher after losing a decisive battle in the boxing ring.

He also just happens to possess a certificate for teaching English, but like most Asians who try to teach another language, his proficiency isn't all, that great, so the head honcho's at the school (including one very prune-faced omanee) force him to take a test he is expected to pass by at least 70%, or he has to leave the school.

Like all the other GTO movies and dramas out there, his students don't think much of him at the start, but as things progress, they come to realize he's the only one who really cares, so they want to return the favor.

Yea! That's Lee Min ho on the left!

Like other, Korean comedies, it's the little things that matter most, and ET was no exception.

It wasn't so much the storyline, the characters, or even the actors that made this a delight to watch but the off-color, in-between moments that had me rolling on the floor instead.

Example: Geun is preparing for the exam, and he goes to the men's room when some yucky foreigner (hairy/greasy) stands beside him to pee, and Geun's eyes pop out as he says, "Good, very good!" and the foreigner glances at him, so Geun quickly turns aside and mumbles, "No good."

The bunny-face eye mask was a hit with me, too.

Okay, so while trying to save his livelihood by studying for the English exam, Geun also works to mentor a flagging student with a terrific, right-cross, so he sends the kid to his old gym for training.

Baek Seong hyeun as Geun's protege

As Baek Jeong goo, he ends up floundering in his first competition, but Geun is there for moral support, as are his three, other friends from school.

The fight was predictable, but no, less nail-biter moment for me.

So, after all this madness and mayhem, Geun ends up passing the exam with flying colors, but the ending still comes as a bit of a surprise.

Our School E.T. was a light-hearted romp I highly suggest when you need a pick-me-up or a reason to smile.


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