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Friday, January 22, 2010

それは、突然、嵐のように… / それは、突然、嵐のように... / It was sudden, like a storm...

January through March, 2004 Japanese drama that stars this guy -


It's supposed to be about a woman (Esumi Makiko as Ogawa Kozue ) married for nearly 10 years and with no children, who lives with her husband and her parents above a small flower shop, and she is at a crossroads in her life ~ wondering, did she make the right decisions and, is this all there is?

It's dialogue within character study that you might, not comprehend if you have to read subtitles, so a second watch may make things a bit clearer for some.

She's at the symbolic cross street when she bumps into Fukazawa Takuma (Yamashita Tomohisa), who is standing in the road with a dazed look on his stone but handsome face.
At first, she ignores him and continues across the avenue, but something makes her turn around (just like her contemplating about the life choices she's made) and she runs back to tackle the dolt before he's killed by the ever-present truck driver who can't, seem to hit the brakes even when he's honking his horn five minutes before actual impact.
I never get that about Japanese drama, but since it's purely for effect, I'll let that sleeping dog lie.

Turns out Takuma is a 17-year-old daydreaming dancer who does things deliberately, but not to upset anyone or to get a rise out of them - but simply because that's his way.
If a thought suddenly occurs to him at a moment when he's about to cross the street, he doesn't mind stopping to ponder.

Anyway, Kozue is intrigued by the gloomy dude with fancy hair and big, brown doe eyes.
She takes him to the dance studio, where she is immediately pressured into signing up for some lessons even as insistent as she is about not knowing how to or having any interest in learning the game.
Takuma then embraces her the way a professional dancer would, and setting a palm against her ass while gazing deep into her eyes - she's instantly blown away.

Or is she?

Takuma is king at both dance and persuasion, so it's hard for us, the viewer, to know exactly what he's thinking, much less doing at every turn in this drama.
Has he truly fallen for the pretty woman who rescued him from certain death, or is he merely operating in order to get her to take the lessons?
He pursues her unceasingly from the word go, not caring about things like age difference, social morays, or what his buddies in High School might think.

OMG - there was a scene where he graduates from High School, and he's walking alone on the street with his diploma in his hand - tearful chuckling weepy moment for me!
It was so, totally kawaii I couldn't help myself!

Ok - I've seen him in a few dramas now, and each time he played a different type of character with a unique style, mannerisms, and so on.
His studio photos are incredible (see above) and I adore his puppy eyes, but there is no way for me to make a final or even a substantial judgment call about him based on what I've seen of him so far.
He's a handsome guy, but not drop-dead gorgeous to me.
He's good as an actor, but I don't know if I care for the brooding nature that always tends to crop up regardless of the character he portrays.
In one instance he looks fit, trim, and buff - and then in another instance I get the impression he's a chubby kid who needs to spend more time at the gym and less time at Mickey D's.


It's the same opinion I have about this drama, too.


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