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Friday, January 22, 2010


April through June, 2009 Japanese drama that stars -

Takenouchi Yutaka

Yes, this one deserves all, five suns!

It's about a rag-tag group of detectives from various departments in and around the Tokyo area who converge to form a so-called secretive team but who are actually relegated to the 'basement' section of the department because of insubordination or other, disciplinary issues in their career records.
The lady cop apparently fell in love and that's what ruined it for her.
Another dude is openly gay.
Another has mental issues after a botched assignment and so on and so forth.

Each week (or episode) showcases one of these characters in-depth while sticking to the main plot, which is to catch the nasty guys before they do something really bad.
It's a cult plot to overthrow the government or something of that nature, but even if you have to keep up via subtitles while trying to stare intently at the hunky eye candy on the screen - you should be able to follow the story with as relative of ease as I had.

The plot-twist amazed me, too.
I take pride in knowing what's going to happen or whodunit rather early in the game, and even though I bit off a few nails toward the end, I held out hope that my godly hero wasn't to blame for what was going on from the very start.

BOSS was a definite winner, and I think the 17 rating it received over there is indication of that fact.


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