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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Thursday Theater Higashino Keigo Mystery #review

Mokuyo Gekijyo Higashino Keigo Misuterizu

Writer -  Higashino Keigo
Network -  Fuji TV
Episodes -  11
Released -  2012, July - Sept
Genre -  Suspense, Mystery, lite Comedy



Kenji Sakaguchi, Koutaro Tanaka, Takashi Sorimachi, Masanobu Ando, Kento Senga, Haruma Miura, and more


11 short stories collected from three novels "Hannin No Inai Satsujin No Yoru," "Ayashii Hitobito," and "Ano Koro No Dareka".


Bravo on another job well done.

Short, concise, and riveting as to be expected in Japanese dramas of this type.

Each episode is stand-alone but begins with this guy

Kiichi Nakai

who is attempting to solve his own mystery prior to introducing us to each episode.

It was great to see some old actors reappear on screen, too, whom I've listed in the credits above.

However, each episode is its own mystery that stars a new cast of characters.

The mysteries all ended with a plot twist, but there were a few times when I knew who it was even knowing the twist was on its way.

They're fun to watch, don't take forever to tell, and stick to the plot w/out added info, recap, or aside characters to bog down the story.

My only disappointment is the time it is taking for Season 2 to show up, because if you watch all 11 episodes, you'll know this isn't the end.

When you buy into a Series of Romance novels but are led to believe each is a stand-alone, only to reach the final chapter and discover you need the next book in order to find out what happens...

This was one of those types of dramas, and its been a lo-ong time since then, too.


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