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Friday, January 20, 2017

Thumping Spike #review

두근두근 스파이크 / Dugeundugeun Seupaikeu

Aka -  Pounding Spike / We Have Something Special
Genre -  Romance, comedy, high school, sports
Episodes -  20 shorts
Format -  Web drama
Network -  Sohu TV, MBN
Broadcast -  2016, Feb-Apr



Hwang Seung eon as Kang Se ra, Song Jae rim as Hwang Jae woong, and Lee Tae hwan as Baek Woo jin


Despite always coming in last, the Daehan High School volleyball team aspires to reach the top. After a misunderstanding with the team captain, volleyball goddess Se Ra is stuck coaching this floundering team in order to dodge a potential lawsuit. Daehan's star player, Jae Woong, and Se Ra are constantly butting heads. Full of love for the sport and increasingly, love for Se Ra, can the team turn around their game? - Dramafever (w/edits)


A good time for teenage-tweeners and nothing more (OR substantial) about this one.

Wow, what a cringe-fest!

From the overly dramatic theme music, to the out-dated macho antics of the two male leads, to the lame 'same few feet of film for every volleyball match shown', this was a tough one to sit through.

I like Jae rim, though, and he did an okay job.

Still, I had to wonder how seriously he took himself while on location -- if he wasn't laughing his ass off behind the scenes or perhaps even regretting the decision to star -- thoughts which turned out to be far more entertaining than this mini drama.

And the freaking high school bitch...

needed a beat-down in every scene she appeared.

I'm fed up with her appearance in any K-Do the same way I am over the brain-dead Japanese high school girl who can do no more than raise one side of her upper lip in every scene.

Change in times and attitude aside, anyone younger who takes that kind of an attitude with anyone older will get their ass kicked -- and rightly so -- period.

And, yeah, I plan on watching #2, though I'm not expecting anything other than more of the same embarrassing drivel like this first one.

Would not recommend anyone waste their time, but I'm positive all those under the age of 15 will disagree.

Where's the Memo About Not Doing this Anymore??


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