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Monday, May 16, 2016

Salut d'Amour (2015)

Jang-Soo Store / 장수상회

Genre -  Drama, Ensemble, Elderly, Family
Runtime -  112 min.
Writers -  Lee Sang hyun, Pang Eun jin, Kang Je gyu
Release Date -  April 9, 2015



Follows the romantic relationship between an elderly couple, Sung chil (Park Geun hyung) and Geum nim (Youn Yuh jung), and the stories of their family and neighbors.  ~AsiaWiki (w/edits)


Cute, funny, thoughtful, and slightly realistic view of one family's struggle with the aging process as seen through the eyes of an entire neighborhood on the verge of cosmetic change.

The elderly couple are only in their late sixties with two grown children and two granddaughters.

The movie begins by introducing us to the elderly couple as youths meeting for the first time.

We're then swept away to the present, and the elderly gentleman is a curmudgeonly old coot terrorizing this transitioning neighborhood by yelling, arguing, and grousing his way through life.

The neighborhood is anxious to allow developers to modernize the area, but without the old man's signature, they're unable to make that a reality, so a majority of the movie is spent watching the old man's 'boss' (grocery store owner) try and convince the old man to hand over his seal.

Then the old man bumps into an elderly woman working in a  flower shop across the street, and slowly but surely his memory starts to fade in and out of the past while his cantankerous attitude begins to mellow.

I saw one plot twist coming but was taken by surprise by the second.

A feel-good movie and worth the time spent staring at the screen reading well-written subs.


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