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Sunday, May 15, 2016

My P.S. Partner

Whatcha Wearin'?  /  나의 P.S. 파트너

Runtime -  114 min
Romanization -  Naui P.S. Pateuneo
Writer -  Byun Sung hyun, Kim Min soo, Kim Soo a
Genre -  Romantic Comedy, Drama
Release Date -  Dec 6, 2012



Yoon jung (Kim A joong) accidentally calls a stranger instead of her boyfriend and has phone sex with the unknown man. When Yoon jung's relationship with her boyfriend turns sour, she meets Hyun seung (Ji Sung), the stranger she had phone sex with. A love story unfolds.  ~ AsianWiki (w/edits)


 A surprise and a half!

Dramafever has been touting this one on Facebook for about a month now and expects me to pay to watch it, but being overly curious, I searched for and found it for free elsewhere.

And, if you're like me, you're probably thinking that to watch a movie based on phone sex is a waste of about 3 hours of your life and is asking a bit too much as well.

Fear not!

This is another bait & switch that turned out to be one helluva great watch.

Great acting, great story line, and a smashing success of an ending, too.

Great soundtrack as well.

The two leads worked well together, made a believable pair caught in their respective rebound relationship, and look good, too.

Ji Sung is a pretty man, and I'm really enjoying him in Entertainer.

As most pretty men go, he's on the short side, but it failed to disinterest me in him or his acting skills.

Or his huge part in this sexy movie.

Which is about two people at varying stages of break-up in their respective relationships -- hers is five years old and waning while his has ended horribly, making it difficult for him to move on.

He's awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call, and she thinks she's dialed her boyfriend.

She asks him not to speak and proceeds to offer him a seductive slice of phone sex, which he accepts with verve and consummates via hand job.

When she realizes her mistake, she's appalled and blames him.

Later, though, he phones her when he's drunk and proceeds to chastise her for being a tease, to which she argues his being a pervert for allowing her to carry on without letting her know the mistake.

Eventually, they console one another over the phone, working their way through their respective relationship issues until she suggests they meet in person.

The two hit it off in an awkward sort of way, end up at a hotel, and at the height of the fireworks display, she fizzles out and begs him not to go through with their initial plan.

Being the gentleman, he does so and then gallantly suggests she phone him to work through her current issue.

They become real friends and continue to phone and see one another, talking about their love lives, their ambivalence, and anything BUT the budding feelings they're starting to have for one another.

The supporting cast did a great job and served their purpose -- especially his two buddies -- who happened to bring needed levity when it was necessary.

The subs were legible but poorly written in a very lazy, phone text style that grates on the nerves after awhile.


I'll leave you with the rest of my screen captures and a hearty thumbs up if you're interested in giving this movie a chance.


Ji Sung hotty

Kim Sung oh was funny

love this guy


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