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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Technicians


The Con Artists
Romanization: Gisooljadeul
Genre: Action / Team Heist
Writer: Kim Yang joong, Kim Hong sun
Release Date: Dec, 2014


Kim Woo bin                                        Ko Chang seok                                            Lee Hyun woo                            


Three con men are enlisted by a fourth to steal 150 billion won hidden within Incheon Customs, and they have a 40-minute time frame to get the job done. ~Han Cinema (w/edits)


The Moorim School babyface (Lee Hyun woo) is Jong bae, a professional hacker and not-very-nice guy who gets involved with Woo bin's Ji hyeok, a young man with an Art degree, and his side-kick, Koo in (Ko Chang seok).

The 'Art Degree' just means Ji hyeok is capable of things like forgery, counterfeit, and replication.

Koo in's talent lies in the technical aspects of Ji hyeok's 'profession' and the two work well together, amassing a small fortune when Ji hyeok decides it's time to go after larger gain -- a safe inside a jewelry shop.

He's also busy chatting up a pretty woman who runs a gallery, and we find out why later in the movie.

Things get interesting in a nail-biter way when another con artist and gangpae-style mob boss enters the picture, enlisting Ji hyeok's help in cracking another 'safe', as it were, so that he can get back at the politicians who snubbed him at campaign time, costing him a congressional seat.

Because the pissed off dude is thug, Ji hyeok and his two buddies are forced to participate in a far-fetched scheme to replace 150 billion won with coupons that look like real won.

This is an action-packed thrill ride and received a 5-star review because of that fact, because it starred Woo bin, because the director didn't make the police look like assholes, and because even the soundtrack (especially the end track) was great.

Twists and turns abound as well, making it an even more delightful watch.

The subs were off by a few seconds throughout, but at least I didn't have to pay to watch this one (take that, Dramafever).

And now I leave you with some screen captures.

Kim Woo bin

Kim Woo bin

Kim Woo bin Shower Scene

Kim Woo bin great guns

Kim Woo bin Smile


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