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Sunday, March 13, 2016

One More Happy Ending

한번 더 해피엔딩

Other Titles - Hanbeon Deo Haepiending / Happy Once Again / The Rewrite
Genre - Romantic Comedy
Writer - Heo Sung-Hee
Network - MBC
Episodes - 16
Release Date - 2016, Jan - Mar
Cinderella - Yes and No



Han Mi mo, Baek Da jung, Go Dong mi, and Hong Ae ran were once members of idol group Angels

Han Mi mo now works as a rep for a remarriage consulting business. She is divorced. Her former band mate, Baek Da jung, is also a rep at the same company. She married a rich man, but her marriage is on the rocks. Go Dong mi is now an elementary school teacher. She is single and feels lonely. Hong Ae ran is a representative for an internet shopping mall. The women are still friends.

Song Soo hyuk is a reporter and a single father. His friend, Goo Hae joon is a doctor and single. Song Soo hyuk and Goo Hae joon become involved with the women. ~ DramaWiki (w/edits)


I'll be honest and admit that when I read the synopsis at, the first and only word that sprang to mind was "shallow", and so I went into this one with an attitude.

And, despite what some might think or feel, I adore Jang Na ra and she was the only reason I gave this drama a chance.

But then, and even before the end of the first episode occurred, my whole outlook changed and I was hooked.

Mature replaced Shallow, and Na ra again proved her worth as a stellar actress with a lot to give.

Chemistry is another word that perfectly describes this drama about four former Idol stars now out in the real world trying to get by.

The four together worked beautifully and convinced me that they belong together, were together in a former life, and could remain together through thick and thin.

But, most of all, it was the love story between the two leads, Mi mo and Soo hyuk, that seemed not only realistic but also magical.

Jung Kyoung ho is one of those Korean males who doesn't quite grab you right away and sometimes makes you question yourself: is he a hot guy or not?

His portrayal of gossip reporter Song Soo hyuk left little doubt in my mind as to his definitely being a keeper.


Damn! is all I can say about him, his work, and his effort in this project.

He also gave off a huge Jimmy Stewart vibe that was really hard to ignore.

This is Romantic Comedy at its finest, and the two leads were incredible at their craft, their purpose, and sticking to their character's true ego.

Can we talk about the clothing?

Whoever they hired to be set and costume designer should win some type of an award at the next ceremony.

Mi mo got to wear some of the coolest, most beautiful creations I've seen in way too long onscreen.

I'm also pleased to note that hemlines are finally receding and that a Fifty's Revival seems eminent to some degree.

Na ra is capable of pulling off just about any look, though, because she's a natural beauty who wears it well but who also cleans up nicely with the right make-up and that glossy, thick mane of hers doesn't hurt none, either.

I mean, even our once-the-brightest-star who then turned into the biggest frump had some type of appeal due to her hair and make-up.

And, speaking of hair, Yu In na's Go Dong mi had the greatest head of hair I've seen on top of a Korean head in God knows how long.

Yu In na as Go Dong mi

There were four, separate love stories that occurred in these sixteen episodes, six if you want to count Mi mo's ex and the doctor's ex.

None of which detracted or distracted from the central plot or the two key figures involved: Mi mo and Soo hyuk.

This was about four women in their thirties who are out to re-discover the art of romance, and yet for Mi mo, that means going all the way back to her early childhood and rediscovering someone she'd taken for granted in all that time.

For Dong mi, it was rediscovering herself as a once-beauty turned school marm wanting to stay true to her real self while also yearning to embrace a passionate, fun-filled romance.

Her story would probably be the only hint at a Cinderella theme.

I'd say she hit the jackpot, but don't want to post any spoilers.

As for the other two Angels, You Da in's Baek Da jung met her dream man while on the set of an Angel's concert. They fell in love, got married, and then spent the next few years trying to conceive. He's from Chaebol and the in-laws expected her to produce an heir, so the pressure was on until she did some questionable medical things in order for that to happen.

The baby eventually arrived, but by then the marriage was destroyed and they'd become estranged.

Throughout this drama, we watch as these two struggle to bring everything back around.

And Seo In young's Hong Ae ran was the brash, ballzy member of the group who didn't seem to change at all until the very end, when reality smacks her in the face and she finally wakes up. Her rocky romance didn't seem like it stood a chance, but you'd be surprised at how the writers worked around it.

Regardless of all this added fluff, the true winners here are the two leads.

And, bringing up the awards category again, these two should win Best Couple at the next ceremony.

The only issue I had with this drama was the subs, which started out great and then slowly went downhill until it became laughable but still tolerable.

because you're wide awake?

And, that one instance where the two leads are invited to their elementary school for a time capsule release ceremony, and a snowstorm occurs, leaving them stranded inside the school for the night.

The doctor drove up from Seoul in 'flurries', and the next morning the sun was shining, the two left the building, and there wasn't an inch of snow to be found.

You'd think the set crew might have opted to spring for a snow machine, but I've already mentioned the continuity issue in plenty of previous posts.

There was no doubt in my mind whom Mi mo deserved and needed to choose, and the doctor just didn't cut it with me start to finish.

Not even when the script called for me to feel sorry for him at one point.

Kwan yool's Goo Hae joon lost on all counts as the second, but I'd like to see him as a lead just to discover what he's really made of and if he's capable of turning my head.

Kwan yool as Goo Hae joon

And, the fat guy!

Loved the fat guy as Soo hyuk's sidekick in the Gossip Rag business. He became a little staid after awhile, repeating the same set of lines again and again, but it was always a pleasure to see him appear in a scene.

Ko Kyu pil as Na Hyun ki 

I was slightly disappointed that we never got to meet his wife; the woman he complained about throughout the show.

As hard as I am trying to recall, it didn't seem as if there were any lagging instances to speak of, and because the story line refused to stray from its intended purpose, I can't say that it missed the mark on any level, either.

This was a fun, funny, poignant, and wishful kind of drama that I hope the big shots will continue to produce or at least want to in order to make a fan like me happy.

All of the women are self-made, successful, and somewhat fulfilled by the time the story begins, so having to wait for Prince Charming to ride up on his white steed didn't occur and wasn't necessary, thank heavens.

Bravo and hat's off to a job well done, and NO CINDERELLA PLOT to spoil all the fun!

they look good off screen, too


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