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Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Unfortunate Boyfriend

Romanization: Naui Yoogamseureowoon Namjachingoo
Hangul: 나의 유감스러운 남자친구
Writer: Lee Jae-Yoon
Network: MBC Drama
Episodes: 16
Release Date: April - May, 2015



A love story between Yoon Tae woon (No Min woo), who always sticks to the truth, and Yoo Ji na (Yang Jin sung), who lies when necessary.


Well, yes, and no.

The two leads do think that way, but as for it being the plot?


Has zero to do with the plot.

This is the story of two people (4, really) who start out on polar opposite paths yet are thrown together by happenstance and don't exactly hit it off right away while constantly getting in each other's way regardless.

She is desperate to get away from the parents she's looked down on for years, and he is lost in a make-believe world on account of the tragic way in which his parents had to die when he was young.

The other two are the wealthy stand-ins who get in their way for a majority of the show.

(1. a region created or considered as a state by or for a people of a particular ethnic origin -- who knew S. Korea consisted of so many separate 'countries'? I think the misguided subber meant homeTOWN)


My Take


Holy cripe, was this a yawn-fest.

Unfortunate is right with this one, let me tell you.

It never needs to be, of course, and it was odd that this (and Producer) turned out to be just that, too.

The right actors were employed, can't argue there.

But, it became painfully obvious early into this one that they were hired as eye candy and not for any amount of substance or effort.

It was another poor girl gets tangled up with two wealthy hot guys, too.

Honestly, I don't really know where to begin to explain why this didn't cut it and why I couldn't wait for it to end.

To put it bluntly yet succinctly, it was boring.

Along with the Cinderella done-to-death theme, there was the intermittent stupid music that didn't help to lighten the load or make me even want to hum along at any point.

What was Tae woon supposed to portray, anyhow? Was he - what is the PC term for retarded now? Mentally challenged? Or, was he just a completely immature adult living in his own fantasy land?

I still don't know for sure, but ugh, what a turn-off.

Tae woon acted like he was perpetually nine (and a GIRL nine at that) for all sixteen episodes, and by the fifth, I kinda wished he would have an epiphany and start acting his age at least.

By the end of episode seven, it was just too hopeless to wish for anything -- even for the story to pick up at some point.

I will admit to there being one hilarious scene with him having a helium voice, and he has to chase down a van he thinks was used to kidnap Ji na sshi. Laughed like an idiot during that scene, and for awhile afterwards, too.

And then there was the It guy with the looks, power, and money.

When I said earlier that the producers hired these guys and told them to just act cool, Yoon Hak as Kang Hee chul took it to the hilt.

He spent 98% of his on-screen time leering and posturing - nothing more.


It was like the director kept reminding him that he was nothing more than eye candy and to hold back on any and all attempts at giving the audience what it deserved . . . like acting ability and substance.

Too many pregnant pauses, dwelling instances, recaps, you-just-said-that moments . . . yeesh, it was bad.

One of my favorite halabeoji's, Yoon Joo sang as Boss Yoon, starred in this, but not even he was enough to turn this yawn-fest around and make it worth my while.

He always looks like he's smelling his own farts, doesn't he?

Korean Hollywood producers and director are going to have to wake up and realize that eye candy just isn't enough to make a drama worthwhile anymore.

Yes, we want to see the hot guys.

But, we also want to see the hot guys DO something. And, I for one don't want to see them doing the same, blessed thing again and again and again and again until my eyes cross and my head starts to swim.

I'm beginning to think that part of the reason why this didn't work for me is because as I mentioned in a previous review, it is all done-to-death.

If one mousy virgin gets bug-eyed when a guy leans in for a kiss, then they've all done that . . . to death.

If one mousy virgin is chased by two wealthy hot guys, then they've all been chased . . . to death.

If that same mousy virgin comes from humble stock, then they've all come from humble stock . . . to death.

If the good guy is a pussy and the bad guy isn't, then they've all behaved the same way . . . to death.

If the mousy virgin is determined to make it in the world PRIOR to meeting Mr. Goodbar, then they've all done the same damn thing . . . to infinity and beyond.

And, Lord help us all, if we've seen one Fairy Tale themed drama, then we've seen them all to death at least five lifetimes now.

Please, please, and please let's get the creative juices flowing again!


I would not recommend Unfortunate Boyfriend even if it does star Min woo.

I don't blame him for the fail, but this was just all-around wrong.

I did like that they incorporated a lot of antiquated gadgetry in this story. Record players, cassette tapes, and freaking LOVE THEM flip phones. I still use a flip phone since my eyes don't like tiny phone screens and I don't necessarily care for phones anyhow.

That bit was fun stuff.

And, one of the bit-part characters is precisely what our adorable Lee Seo jun will look like in 20 years.


(and then his paternal halabeoji in 60 years)


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