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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Infinite Power

Title: 무한동력 / Moohandongryeok
Genre: Romance, drama, family
Format: Web drama
Original Webtoon: Infinite Power by Joo Ho min (주호민)
Episodes: 6
Networks: Naver TV Cast, Daum TV Pot
Broadcast period: 2013, Nov



A drama about unemployed Jang Sun Jae, whose goal is to get employed at a large corporation, belatedly finding his hopes and dreams by encountering Han Won Shik, the owner of a boarding house. Meanwhile, Kim Sol is a girl who works at a nail salon. She lives in the same boarding house as Jang Sun Jae who she gets involved in a romance with. ~DramaWiki


I really like these mini-series web dramas that run approximately fifteen minutes each and usually star some big-name ATM actors/musicians/models.

This one, though, wasn't all that great, but it wasn't horrible, either.

A slow-paced, sweet story about a man and his dream of creating infinite power to replace fossil fuels.

He runs a boarding house -- or, rather, his high-school aged daughter does while his younger son remains glued to his headphones and doesn't say much.

At the start of the brief story, we meet Sun jae as he's being rejected at another job interview. He's asked to reflect on it and so heads just outside the big city to the boarding house and takes some time off to do that reflecting.

His only goal has been to work in a large corporation to be able to put food on the table, and as a high schooler, he was the most popular, best looking, and voted most likely to succeed.

At the boarding house, Sun jae meets Kim Sol, a young girl with her own life issues who currently works hard and for long hours at a nail shop owned by her friend. The two meet a few times and discuss their problems while drinking a few beers or some soju.

He's tall and handsome, so she likes him right away, but with Sun jae, one can never be too sure what he's thinking or feeling . . . sometimes if he's even breathing, he's that laid-back.

Heck, the dude even shuffles instead of actually walking with any amount of purpose.

The 2 a.m. hotty, Im Seul ong, is adorable with that baby face of his, a cheesy grin, those winsome eyes, and as mentioned already, the tall, strapping male appeal that lends itself so effortlessly to a natural charm.

There is a happy ending for everyone at the boarding house.

A short, sweet drama to be watched in less time than it would take to make popcorn and sit down to enjoy it, but still worth watching anyway.



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