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Monday, January 25, 2016

Emergency Couple

Romanization: Eunggeubnamnyeo
Hangul: 응급남녀
Genre: Medical, Romance
Network: tvN
Episodes: 21
Release Date: 2014 -- Jan - April



Another Cinderella story about an average girl who meets a wealthy guy from a family of doctors and they fall for each other, go against his mother's wishes, and elope. A year later, they are divorced, and six years later, they bump into one another inside the ER at a University hospital, where they'll both have to learn how to work together as interns. ~me

The Message

This was a good drama despite the worn-out and abused plot line about a mousy chick meeting a handsome prince, they fall in love and elope against his domineering mother's wishes and so are made to 'suffer' as a result of that decision.

"They were too young" and "It wasn't fate" along with "Immature" kept cropping up in the course of this show to, I guess, remind us all that marriage is only for those who are over 30, utterly too mature for their own good, and have received the stamp of approval from their elders.

Otherwise, you're effed.

Got it?

Falling in love and being impulsive are no-no's, too.

So, here's the deal, people.

If you just wait until the stars align themselves correctly, have that final digit securely in place in your bank account, and you honestly can't figure out what else you're supposed to do in life . . . THEN it's time to get married.

If you get pregnant, you've blown the whole deal and the marriage won't work.

If you're the impetuous sort who can't wait for all of those other extraneous issues to fall into place, then you're screwed and the marriage is doomed.

If you freaking fall in LOVE . . . you're doomed.

Marriage isn't about love, people! It's about two like-minded maturey's opening a joint bank account to help the economy, being able to wear name-brand labels with some class, and PLANNING that one (maybe two) child somewhere down the line.

It's a business merger and has nothing to do with emotion, heart, or something as reckless and stupid as love.

Unless you're both super rich, and then it doesn't matter because $$$ happens to be the cure for whatever ails you (and a marriage).

Are we all good on this one now?

(queue the needle scratching the lp here)

This was actually a mixed-bag type drama with mixed messages being dropped at random, so I guess we can take away from it whatever we damn well please.

There were Jin hee (Song Ji hyo) and Chang min (Choi Jin hyuk) being impetuous and too young (lol) ending in disaster, but we also met a mature couple just starting out on the road to marital bliss when things start going south for them (and THEN we're led to believe they are too young).

Choi Yeo jin

There was the knock-out single chick, Sim Ji hye (Choi Yeo jin) with more than just her act being pulled together as a doctor with American ties to everything who just happened to have a child OUT OF wedlock, and that despite her being so pulled-together, she still made an impulsive decision that ended badly.

We also have the hard-nosed ER Chief (Pil mo) who grew up in a broken home and came to the conclusion that anyone who divorces is a piece of crap not worth an ounce of anyone's time.

Chief eventually discovers just how jaded and IMMATURE that kind of thinking actually turns out to be, though.

Pil mo, Lee

Then we have the even more of a knock-out beauty queen, Han A reum (Clara), from a wealthy background with everything going for her in the Korean box-set way of thinking: beauty, body, brains, bank account, who ends up being blown off by Chang min and ends up falling for a no-name brand kind of a guy who flip-flops about his career choice until the last second, and then he takes off for Migu -- the land of milk & honey -- to further his new career choice.


And, let's not forget Chang min's omanee, shall we? The one who worked so hard at breaking up her son's marriage so that he would turn around and do everything her way. You know the drill, right?

Park Jun keum as Yoon Sung sook

Anymore, when I see this woman in the line-up, I get this creepy chill running slowly up my spine.

And, I never, EVER expect for her to do a 180 at any time in the course of events, either.

Only, this time, I was wrong -- again!

Getting back to the point: Mrs. Chang min turns out to be someone of lesser value than she leads us to believe, and her marriage is much worse than her son could ever hope to aspire to as well.

Chang min's parents marriage and their treatment of one another kind of mirrored that of his 1-year stint with Jin hee.

Like I said, there were tons of mixed signals taking place in this one.

Which might have something to do with why I enjoyed it so much, and why it needed a 21st episode for the hometown crew.

Stellar casting, great chemistry, and a believable plot probably worked to make this a success, too.

Jin hee's younger sister, Jin ae (Jeon Soo-Jin), ran away from home, bar-hops as a singer to make money, and has a baby out of wedlock -- though we later learn that the two are actually married.

baby Gook

This kid cracked me up.  Talk about great acting! lol

Jin ae is supposed to be the quintessential loser by Korean standards, no college education, no big corp job, and married to a guy who doesn't resemble a Ken doll in any way, shape, or form, and yet she turned out to be the most level-headed and down-to-earth of the lot, so go figure.

Maybe that was because she didn't have money on the mind and didn't let it rule her, but I could be wrong.

She followed her dream, doesn't ignore her heart, and works things out by delegation and communication -- two keys to any happy relationship if you ask me.

Yes, she leaned on her omanee and noona, but the mention of  'family' came up enough times to make us see that Jin ae had the right idea going forward.

I really liked her, her acting wasn't fake, and she's very pretty even if she did have dyed blond hair.

Jeon Soo jin

The Love Story



Au tu kae?

Mousy chick fumbles her way out of disaster and lands at the feet of not one but two hot, eligible bachelors -- both with great hair, tight bods, and impressive incomes.

One is silver spoon and the other is self-made, but both are highly prized for their monetary status.

So now more disaster ensues, making her look stupid and weak at every turn while the dudes just keep moving forward and having accolades bestowed upon them by adoring fans.

But, we must remember that it is her job to find herself.

She needs to freaking find herself if she ever hopes to become a human being with value, and THEN she can be worthy of  'the man'.

And, as far as I'm concerned, she chose the wrong one.

OR! My guy choice escaped with his life.

the macho stand-off

The Marriage Thing

It's never easy to make a call on any private matter involving people we're not intimate with, much less close friends and relatives.

9 times out of 10, we're usually wrong anyway because we don't know everything and aren't privy to all of the details.

Still, and regardless of age or financial status, you either have integrity or you don't, and you are raised with values/morals or you aren't.

And, even if you are and do have those things, if you didn't pick a partner who shares them, you can bet things will get dicey from time to time.

My mother subscribes to Reminisce Magazine, and it is filled with old-school everything, including reader articles about everything from their first car to their first date to their How I Met Your Mother stories.

The latter fascinates me most as a writer of romance, and so I read those stories and try to learn from them.

In every single instance of a couple married prior to 1960, the story is basically the same thing: they met, fell in love, tied the knot, and lived together til death.

Startlingly, most of those marriages had whirlwind romances that lasted anywhere from six weeks to a surprising six DAYS before they said I Do.

And, it worked.

Because the goal in life back then was to settle down, raise a family, and then take care of one another in old age.

Money, looks, and material things weren't involved.

So, when I started to watch Emergency Couple and saw them running slo-mo to the church, being wed, and then having a horrendous fight that led to their separation, it didn't surprise me any.

Money and worth were at the core of that argument, so big surprise!

What bugged me much more than the superficial aspect of the relationship was that Chang min suddenly saw Jin hee as a human being because she had a job.

A job.



Jin hee had a job before she met Chang min, but for some weird reason, once she said I Do, she couldn't find a job anywhere? No one wanted to hire her? She didn't get pregnant, so, what was the issue?

The script writers tried to get around that little bit of WTF by having Chang min argue that he wasn't after Jin hee because she had become an MD, but for me it was too little too late.

That train had left the station far too long ago for me to suddenly be on board.

So, again, the script writers decide to toss another bone out there to get me to believe that Jin hee is making the right decision after everything she's been through by instigating the family values thing.

A devastating loss is all it takes for Jin hee to get her head on straight and realize that she 'needs to do this' as a woman.


after running a few flights of stairs, but whatever

It didn't work out or end the way that I had hoped it would, and I think that is part of the appeal of Emergency Couple.

The unexpected-ness and plot twists worked.

So, I'm left with sadness and doubt about Chief's happiness, and a ton of pictures you're welcome to use as desktop wallpaper.

Romance Gone Wrong

made me squeal and cry

now he knows

Yeppeun Stuff

she's cute, and I like the orenji lipstick

want to eat here


cool bar decor



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