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Friday, February 18, 2011

My Girl (JP) / マイガール

2009, 10-episode JDorama that stars Arashi's Aiba Masaki as 23 yr old Kazama Masamune, a guy who fell in love with an older woman while still in high school, and then she left the country and he folded.

Six years later, and living in the upstairs room of a charming, European-style house outside Tokyo, but with oddball homeowners for his landlord, Masaki-kun finds out that his old flame is dead, and that she has a five-year-old daughter he is now expected to raise as his own child.

The cute, little girl misses her mother terribly and has a few trinkets in her possession to help remember the good times - while she is also politely accommodating to the strange man she must now live with.

He's worried that the crotchety, old man landlord will kick him out if he finds out about the girl, and then he worries that he'll lose his job if he keeps having to leave work to fetch her from school or leave early on account of her being sick or something implausible but necessary to the storyline like that.

He's worried, too, that his mother will be upset once she finds out that the little girl is her grandchild - for reals - and as the episodes progress, so does his level of maturity, understanding, and acceptance for everything from the past to his inevitable future as a father.

This is based on the Manga My Girl Sahara Mizu, and almost everyone at agreed that the Manga was better, more tearful than the drama, but that Aiba did a terrific job.

I didn't like him, and then I did like him, and then I quirked a curious brow at him, and then I smiled at him.

Aiba is peculiar in a number of ways, and not at all like the stereotypical pop-band boy image in my head, either.

My impression of him and his acting skills aside, this was a nice movie that unfolded seamlessly, telling a story of interest and acted out with ease by all the characters.


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