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Friday, February 18, 2011

Humming / 허밍

2007 Korean movie that starred Lee Chun hee and Han Ji hye; lovers gone complacent in their long relationship, and while she is anticipating a marriage proposal, he is contemplating an extended stay at the South Pole for work research - and, we're meant to believe that he likes the idea because he wants to get away from the relationship.

He's irritable around her, and her quirky ways annoy him until the day she enters his apartment behaving normal when his cell phone rings and her sister is tearfully trying to explain to him about an accident his girlfriend just experienced; landing her in the hospital.

It makes no sense to him, and even after he arrives at the hospital and sees his girl lying comatose in bed, he can't believe what just occurred.

For the duration of this film, we watch as he retraces the last steps of his dying girlfriend - everything from his desperately trying to find the yellow bike he saw her ride up to the complex on to his thinking about every, little nuance of her personality as it unfolds from memory (now pleasant) in the quiet, lonely apartment.

Lee Min ki made a subtle appearance in this, playing the lead man's buddy from work, and once in awhile he's there to offer advice or support to his slowly going mad friend.

We're supposed to take away from this one the idea that 'you never know what you've got til you lose it' ... but, for me, it was more like 'be honest and stop messing with the feelings of others'

It was poignant at best, and highly predictable, but still artsy enough to be enjoyable.


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