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Monday, December 05, 2016

High-End Crush #review

고품격 짝사랑  /  Gopumgyeok Jjaksarang

Episodes -  20
Genre -  Romantic Comedy
PkA -   The Greatest One-Sided Love No One Has Ever Seen Before
Released -   Nov, 2015 - Jan, 2016
Network -  Sohu TV WebCast



Stars Jung Il woo, Jin Se yeon, Lee Si eon, and Yoon Bo ra


Romantic comedy depicting the heartfelt and pure love story by of a man, a successful CEO with everything in his hands, who falls in love for the first time in his life with a woman who has been living in completely opposite circumstances from his and is a rising artist in his own company. ~Wiki


I tried.

Really tried to like this one but failed.

20 short episodes of rapid-fire dialogue with as much shouting as there was running around, chasing after nothing, and going nowhere.

Worse, most of these episodes ended one way only to have the following episode begin somewhere else, leaving me to wonder... well? Hello?

Zero chemistry between the two leads, and she had to be the biggest stick-in-the-mud out of all the deadpan, flat-lined, uninterested female leads I've ever come across in a Korean drama.

LOOKS aren't everything is about all I took away from this watch.

What was he so all-fired up about, I wonder?

She was as lifeless as a dead fish after having flopped onshore for a few . . . hours.

Gawd . . .  jinjja??

Stiff, emotionless, boring, one-dimensional and NOT worth all the noise, bother, and mayhem the guy put himself through trying to deny his feelings for someone so . . . ugh!

As for its being labeled Comedy... well, I suppose it can be left up to the viewer to decide if they laugh, but I hardly did.

Slapstick and 3 Stooges never appealed to me and I never found any humor in such antics.

Although each episode was less than 30 minutes, it was difficult to sit through each of them, and the stupid song only made it worse.

Trying to read flashing subs added to the problems with this show, too.

Almost like seeing subliminal messages being flashed across the bottom of the screen, which you had approximately 10 seconds to read or forget it.

I cringed my way through all 20 episodes in a few hours (given several bathroom and food breaks) but would not recommend this to anyone, least of all the hardcore Jung Il woo fans, who may turn out to be sadly disappointed in this Oppa's latest attempt.



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