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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Haven't Abandoned Ship!

It isn't that I stopped blogging, and for awhile, I was actually juggling three dramas at once, which kept me busy compiling notes for my latest blogs when suddenly ... just went kaflooy on me.

By kaflooy, I mean ... the site just, stopped working.

There are certain files I am able to open, but even those tend to up & quit a few minutes in or sooner. is still there, they are still uploading material, and I have no trouble accessing the main page, but no matter what file I click on, it will either not load at all, or like I mentioned, it starts and then freezes or 'ffft' disappears into thin air.

To say I'm pissed off about it is putting it way beyond mildly, and even though some of you might think I'm a raving b*tch who hates everything, this was the FIRST TIME that frustration led to my writing to the 'so-called' devs to ask what was going on.

Ironic or not, they have had advertised on their main page for weeks now a POLL asking us to please take the time to fill out the (lengthy) questionaire about what would help to make better - and naturally, MY list of complaints aren't jiving with the list of perks they offer in the form of 'what would you prefer we do' questions in the poll.

Anyway, in response to my 'what the hell is going on?' query, I received replies more snarky, smart-ass, and unhelpful than anything you've ever read here - but wit is something I have plenty of, and the b*st*rd whom I will presume to be a hacker and not someone who actually runs the show received more than enough from me in reply.

Funny thing was, the last thing he said to me about why I was having such a hard time enjoying my movies & dramas at their website was that '...losers like me who don't pay for the service have no right to complain'.

I know, right? BIG, gaping hole for me to jump through and grab the little sh*t by the throat, eh?

"I see," began my last response. "So, you're suggesting I pay someone as belligerent and rude as you are so that I can experience hangs, freezes, or nothing at all? Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're asking me to fork over hard-earned money for something that is broken, and this makes me a thousand times smarter than you are since I refuse to go along with the idiotic plan."

Okay, so I was on episode 48 of Happiness in the Wind (on, actually, but why quibble at this point?), otherwise known as "A Nice Day for the Wind to Blow" (literal, and more stupid) - but, lawdy the man-candy in this one!

It's one of those predictable, Saturday afternoon things that take 178 half-hour episodes to explain, but even without seeing the last episode, I'll bet everything works out just fine in the end.

Believe it or not, I started watching Fugitive: Plan B back in October, and even before decided to take a nose-dive on me, their uploads were sub par, the timing was off in nearly every episode, and it took WEEKS for each to be uploaded. I made it as far as 14 when the website took a sh*t, and I haven't found anywhere else that has better, more stable videos, either.

'Mary Stayed Out All Night' (or, "Marry Me, Mary!") has so, much potential, it isn't funny, but alas, I never made it through the first episode thanks to, and I know it is available on YouTube, but that is a last-resort for me since you know how I feel about that ten-minute cut-off thingy that drives me nuts and makes me tune out regardless of the eye-candy factor, the storyline that sucks me in, or what-have-you.

I can't, even watch anymore Two Days, One Night or Let's Go Dream Team! now, even though continues to send me e-mail updates about both TV shows from Korea - but, if I can't watch it there, why are they bothering?

Yes, I updated winamp, I deleted and reuploaded vlc, and even tried using an older version of both video players, but to no effect whatsoever.

I tried watching them on campus, on a laptop, and at someone else's house, and still NOTHING.

I miss my daily dose of unrealistic, campy silliness stuffed with gorgeous guys, stupid chicks, and hilarious dialogue!

I will say, though, the one thing that sticks out more than anything else now that I have more time to dwell on past watches, and the simple fact that my mom is as addicted to black & white movies on TCM than I am to Asian Drama, is that I believe the Korean script writers WATCH them old movies and get their ideas from them.

Koreans canNOT be that backwoods, that dark-age to make me believe they think, act, and even talk like they did over here back in the 1930's and 1940's - yet, the resemblances between them old movies and the dramas I watch today are uncanny if you ask me.

So, the Japanese are on par with 1950's America, and Koreans are at the same level as pre-post WWII America.

Go figure.

Now, if I could only figure out some way to get into the twenty-first century ELECTRONICS-wise, that'd be awesome.




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