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Monday, July 18, 2011

10年先も君に恋して / Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite

I'll Love You in 10 Years

2010 NHK, 6-episode rom/com drama that stars Ueto Aya as Onozawa Rika, a single editor who is good at her job but clueless about things like ai.

As an example, one of her clients is a popular romance novelist who has an obvious thing for her, yet she has no notion or even a hint of a vibe coming from across the cafe table they always share when discussing his latest projects.

Then, she happens upon a mysterious man wearing a trench coat, a hat, and in dark sunglasses, whom she first assumes is a hentai stalker (because they're EVERYWHERE in Japan!), but it turns out he is from ten years into the future, and he's there to prevent her from meeting HIM.

Cutey fails, though, and Rika ends up meeting her future husband - a nerdy type science buff going on 30 and still in college doing research on a silly elevator to the heavens project.

Uchino Masaaki as Maruyama Hiroshi gave me the impression he was Hideaki Ito's older brother in horn rimmed glasses much of the time, and I appreciated that, thank you very much!

While Rika is trying to make headway with young Hiroshi, ten-years-later Hiroshi keeps popping up to dissuade her until she eventually discovers the truth about the budding relationship and how awful things turn out for them later on.

I'm sorry, but I must interject at this point ........ ten years isn't THAT much time to make one so completely unrecognizable that for at least four of the six episodes Rika keeps fighting the guy and refuses to believe what he's trying to convey.

30 to 40 is like saying 'next year' in the facial recognition department.

Funnier still, is how these dramas ALWAYS portray children growing up, and twenty years later, they INSTANTLY recognize one another.

Now, THAT is a stretch more than a mere ten years between 30 and 40.

Anyway ~ Hiroshi loves Rika very much, but their marriage goes south when she quits her dream job so he can pursue his career; which takes them to Detroit of all places, and then on to Germany and so-forth.

He becomes famous, wealthy, and popular while she struggles to maintain some semblance of dignity as his faithful shadow while growing to resent the fact that she gave up everything for him and ended up with nothing.

It's the whole point of the story, and Rika fights her future husband every step of the way, too, insisting that love will triumph over adversity, and that with patience and understanding, they'll work things out.

I really, HoNTo Ni loved this storyline!

The ratings over there say otherwise, though. :(


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